Formal pitch - your best tips?

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 16-Dec-15 12:30:30


I (marketing freelancer) am attending a pitch in a couple of days times. Most of my work is won by meeting people 121 and I generally sense they aren't talking to anyone else.

I have had experience of a couple of pitches as a freelancer and they didn't go well. I think part of the issue is that if the project is large enough for a pitch I am generally working with someone (ie we have partnered up for the pitch) so I think the probably comes across.

This pitch is slightly different as it is my core specialism, however, a peer wrote the propsal but cannot do the work, so has offered it to me, which the potential client has agreed to. So whilst it is nearer 'my pitch' I am delivering to someone's approach. Their approach is fine, but I guess it would have been better if it has been 'mine' from the beginning.

Anyway, I have prepared my short pres to their time limit and covering what they asked for with lots of focus on them/their issue/challenge. I am now writing myself a Q & A doc as I find the negative questions the most difficult - What could go wrong?' etc. I won't read from this, but I find it helps to have written it down.

Anything else I should be doing? What is your top tip for a pitch?


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