Christmas lunch with a client

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KanyesVest Sat 05-Dec-15 23:46:35

A very nice client has invited me and a couple of other contractors to his organisation's Christmas lunch. It's in a nice restaurant. I don't want to go in with one arm as long as the other, but I don't want to make a big deal about bringing something either. Any ideas? He will be the only person I know there (his colleague is a new recruit I've met once, and one of the other contractors I know vaguely through a social connection). I was thinking of maybe getting some fancy Christmas crackers?

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GonzoFlyingProducts Sun 06-Dec-15 01:07:45

Crackers is a great idea - and some party poppers. And just in case it turns out to be fun, take a pack of post it notes in your pocket so you can play the "who am I" game. You're the life and soul for twenty five quid.

KanyesVest Sun 06-Dec-15 18:03:30

Thanks Gonzo. I'm not sure how boozy it will be so I'm not sure well get to party games at least I hope to fuck we won't. I'll find some fancy crackers tomorrow and see if there are any other bits and pieces I can pick up.

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