How to raise £1000 for a start up? Ideas anybody?

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mysticlogistic Wed 26-Aug-15 08:54:01

I have a very unique idea that I would like to start up to empower my local community and lift people up a bit.
Its the sort of start up that could make quite a bit of money which can be put straight back into it to reach more and more people each time. I have a solid plan and the idea that I have to offer I want to make accessible to everybody regardless of circumstance, but specifically targeting people with low self confidence/self esteem, people with financial struggles/unemployed and people with stressful jobs. So most people then. I would be providing them with an accessible experience that was a bit out the ordinary and I would want them to leave each time feeling both completely relaxed but like they could face anything. I've put quite a lot into this already and I think I could realistically achieve it with another £1000 but Im just running out of ideas of how to raise this.

I genuinely want to do this for my community, and to make it so there is no financial barrier to these people getting this, I want to bring people together and lift them up, I want to do something to help young girls start believing in themselves and to help older people feel more self value. But Im just hitting a wall of ideas. Can anybody give me any suggestions or point me in the right directions of good ideas to raise an extra £1000, even 900 I could probably manage it.


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TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Tue 08-Sep-15 17:25:27

Virgin Startups? Personal loans for setting up a business or to assist in first year or two of running it.

As it's a community based thing you may have some luck with crowdfunding too.

It would be interesting to know what the idea is though. Have you shared it with others who can give an impartial opinion?

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