ebook or enews sign up - which to offer?

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 19-Aug-15 17:00:22


Would be interested in views pls.

Always find marketing myself difficult despite being a marketing consultant. And naturally I didn't start this activity with a proper plan/strategy! shock

My new website is nearly ready - yay! I need to make a decision about something...

I have nearly finished an ebook. I already had most of the content (which I owned) which has been pushed out to a particular niche bit of my audience by an org. So I decided I would expand it and have it laid out in my new branding and offer it more widely.

So, onto my website. I was originally going to offer a sign up functionality for my enews. I was then going to add an ebook download button (which takes the site visitor to a data capture page).

However, it looks a bit confusing having 2 sign ups. Should :

1)I just lead with ebook?

2) Ebook and enews (difficult to fit that onto sign up 'button')

3)Enews sign up and offer ebook link in welcome email or send as auto.message after?

ebook is an overview of marketing in my niche area. Think it will be useful to them (well I would!)

What do you think?


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