Tips on starting a toddler group, please

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Kent1982 Mon 10-Aug-15 20:51:15

They have a rhyme time group in a ladies large bungalow near me she charges £6 a session for about 8 kids split into different ages it's pretty popular she has a waiting list. She seems to advertise on FB. But we all know about her from other groups telling us and mums. She is running multiple sessions for each age group a week. Personally I like things with structure as I find it easier to attend rather than attending a chatter group when I don't know anyone x

Hobbes8 Sun 09-Aug-15 19:02:33

Most playgroups I've been to are in large halls so the children can run around and let off steam. Are you thinking of more a small group where you run a learning type session and children listen to you?

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Sun 09-Aug-15 18:50:19

I've never heard of playgroup in somebody's house before.
Can you visit a similar setting (in a different area, so as not to be competition) OP?

BackforGood Sun 09-Aug-15 18:46:40

I don't need to read the message again - the questions were needed to find out what it was exactly you were thinking of, so we could help you.

When I knew what you were planning, then yes, I could have offered a lot more advice.
However, I don't think I'll bother now other than to reiterate what the other 3 posters have said.

KerryAutumn Sun 09-Aug-15 13:09:17

Cheers everyone.
My intention was not to be impolite. I was merely responding to what I read as the tone of that message.
We are aware toddlers don't read, the session will focus on bringing books to life to encourage an interest in books and reading. Rather than dissecting what our session will involve, I was actually looking for advice on necessary insurance, advertising, etc, which I have sourced elsewhere.

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TravellingToad Sun 09-Aug-15 09:53:47

I advise being more polite. Can't be bothered answering in case I get slammed like PP

insancerre Sun 09-Aug-15 09:52:12

Toddlers and preschoolers don't need to have reading skills, they really don't
Playgroups where the parents stay are of more benefit to the parents rather than the children. They provide a place to socialise and get out of the house and meet people in similar situations
Obviously the children benefit to some extent, but its not early years education, so there's no reason for the reading.
In fact, introducing things like reading before children are ready does more harm than good.
Do you have any experience or qualifications in working with children?


dickiedavisthunderthighs Sun 09-Aug-15 09:39:05

My advice would be not to be so rude to posters who are asking a few simple questions!
Unless you have a big house I can't really see how you can run this from home. As you'll know from your Dd toddlers have 2 second attention spans and like other playgroups will need to have lots of different areas to run off to. You haven't said what you have in mind for this or where the theatre element comes in but I would think you'd be better off looking for external premises.

KerryAutumn Sun 09-Aug-15 09:24:33

Read my message again. At no point do I state our playgroup will be different to others in existence, but my local community could benefit from a new playgroup which I am very enthusiastic about creating.
Yes, I will it run from my home.
Yes, parents will stay as the children will be between 18 months and preschool so it is advisable to have parental guidance.

Has anyone got any actual advise?

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BackforGood Sun 09-Aug-15 00:22:40

Er - isn't that what all playgroups do (well, except the reading)? Or am I missing something that yours will do that others don't?

How will you run it from home? surely you'll need a big hall ? Or, once again, have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Do you mean a 'Stay and Play' - where the parent / carer stays with the child(ren), or do you mean a pre-school / playgroup where the dc are left in your charge for a few hours ? As the regulations are very, very, very different, obviously.

KerryAutumn Sat 08-Aug-15 22:52:55

Hi All,
I'm looking into starting a toddler/preschoolers play group that will focus on little ones communication skills, reading skills, confidence, and encourage darn right fun. I will run it from home as I'm hoping it'll combine being at home with my daughter and my pre-mummy theatre career. I would really appreciate any tips on getting a toddler group started, please xx

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