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lovelylifecoach Tue 14-Jul-15 15:34:31

I'm as my name says (have name changed for this) and been coaching for years. I'd like to have more clients but any advertising falls flat- by that I mean online noticeboards and adverts for group workshops etc. My clients tend to come via google searches or the life coach directory.

Question is- if you were interested in coaching would you respond to an advert for a group workshop which was a cheaper way of being coached (I get enquiries from people who just can't afford 1:1) and would you respond to adverts anyway- or would you just look for a coach if you decided that's what you needed?

Part of me thinks that if people only respond to an advert when it catches their eye, they are not ready or serious about making changes, if that makes sense, but just wondering what to invest in to build my practice.

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