New tax free childcare scheme delayed to 2017

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FantasticMrsFoxx Sun 05-Jul-15 18:26:18

JUST (1 July) announced:

"...the scheme is now expected to launch from early 2017. The existing Employer‑Supported Childcare scheme will remain open to new entrants until Tax-Free Childcare is launched.“
"..exact rollout details for Tax-Free Childcare will be confirmed in due course.“

“Employer‑Supported Childcare, often referred to as childcare vouchers, will remain open to new entrants until Tax-Free Childcare launches. Parents who wish to remain in Employer-Supported Childcare once Tax-Free Childcare is launched will be able to, while their current employer continues to offer the voucher scheme.“

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morethanpotatoprints Sun 05-Jul-15 18:30:34

There were other policies that came out on July 1st, I can't remember which now, but there have been several.
It's my birthday so I remember it happening.
I'm sure they do it so when the shit hits the fan they are all away on holiday.

FantasticMrsFoxx Sun 05-Jul-15 19:04:45

It's more beneficial for me to take advantage of the employer offered scheme and I was basing when to return to work from ML on the cut off date to sign up. I was told last week I needed to return in August as the employer scheme was closing then. The important part for me from the new announcement is "while their current employer continues to offer the scheme". Hopefully they will reconsider. What a muddle!!

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YellowPirate Sat 18-Jul-15 13:54:14

Nooo! Little boy starts nursery in September, that's over £100 a month less money than we thought. Thanks for sharing. X

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