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NEScribe Sat 04-Jul-15 12:07:01

Hope I am okay to post this again in another section. I have tried it in freelance but now think maybe I read the original thread in this section.

I read a thread a couple of months ago about dropshippers and ATS Distribution but I can't find it again - and having tried for a while, I figured it might be better to create a new post.

A relative has a business (online) and wants to try some new lines without having to invest in major amounts of stock.
I suggested looking at ATS since I'd read about it on here but he has asked a couple of questions that I can't answer since I haven't used the company.

Is the delivery service reasonable - that is, do people get their purchases within 3-4 days? Online customers now seem to expect delivery within 1-2 days or start asking where their order is.
What is in the parcel (other than the goods obviously). It says on the website that they use plain packing and they don't put their name on the returns address but is there anything inside which would tell his customers he had used a dropshipper? He has a good name in his niche and doesn't want to risk customers having a bad experience.
Are the goods usually in stock if the website says they are? He is looking at some fairly expensive items but wonders if it is safe to list them? He doesn't mind being out of pocket on some small items if it turns out he has to source them elsewhere because ATS are actually OOS but he can't afford to risk that on big purchases.
Any experiences/info would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance

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