Do employers usually faff about with your time if you are freelance?

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QuintShhhhhh Mon 15-Jun-15 16:50:42

I am taking on freelance assignments, I juggle these around my other job.

But I do find that they are taking the piss a bit, but I am wondering if it is MY time management that is my problem rather than the agency?

Like last week, they approached me middle of last week to find out if I am available this week for a project. I reply that I am. They then ask late on Thursday if I am available Friday just gone for a briefing. As I have other work, I tell them I can be available from 9.30 Monday for the briefing. They respond that this is fine, they just wanted to book me in for Friday in CASE the team had briefing ready. They will email me to arrange Monday morning. So, desk is cleared, I am ready. Nothing.

I am obviously not paid for sitting not doing work. But, I have cleared my schedule, and not started something else, so I feel that they are taking the mickey slightly. Or is this just to be expected if you take on projects freelance?

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FriendlyLadybird Mon 15-Jun-15 21:54:02

Sometimes my clients have 'messed me around' with time, but it's not usually their fault -- if lots of other people are late getting their material together, for example, it puts them back.

The way I deal with it is simply to be very very open about how I organise my time. I've got a client at the moment who was two weeks late giving me a briefing. I said it's not a problem, but because I have other things planned, I won't be able to turn it round as quickly as I would have been able to had I got the briefing when it was initially promised.

Usually I've got quite enough to keep me occupied, but if I'd turned down something in order to be free for a briefing that didn't come I would point this out quite firmly. Persistent offenders might find themselves being charged more or I might be working to rule. You have to value your own time, because nobody else is going to do it for you.

bellathebluebell Wed 17-Jun-15 22:50:44

Yes, not surprising at all. It's not intentional. They're just not very well organised.

i would respond along the lines of... "I am free Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, all day Thursday, etc. etc." If they can't get a date in the diary and someone else wants Monday morning then book the second person in. It's just tough. You are professional and in demand. They can't just faff around and expect you to keep your diary clear. Time is money and all that...

PurpleWithRed Wed 17-Jun-15 22:55:36

do you have terms and conditions that go to the client before a job? Do these have cancellation costs in them? It's up to you to be clear to them about time you deem booked that has to be paid for. That said, it can be damn hard to get them to stick to it when you want the work.

ethelb Wed 17-Jun-15 23:01:12

Yesi have had to walk away from two commissions this month as i couldn't keep myself clear for the work that would be sent to me 'in a couple of hours'

griselda101 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:50:09

i think most clients expect you to be there at the drop of a hat but most can't commit to getting you want you need on time. I frequently work through the late evening due to clients' sending me last minute stuff (usually late) expecting it done ASAP.

that said I think if they have specifically booked you out for a session that they don't fulfil on time their end you have every right to charge for those hours or at least have a cancellation fee (as purple above said) provided you have a written advance agreement (maybe I should get one together!!).

If they are made more aware of charges in advance this may spur them to getting you the content on time.

I also think it's wise to have a clause in ts and cs saying you always try your hardest but can't always guarantee to provide work on time and can't be held responsible if for some reason it is turned around a bit later than planned.

And maybe it's worth having a "last minute" extra charge for those urgent projects!

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