advice on petty workplace theft

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pleasecutmygrass Thu 30-Apr-15 22:35:40

Thanks BanKimoon. I've always been so proud of the staff we have and the working environment we nurture. We've had some real staff issues recently though and I feel I've lost perspective so really appreciate the advice!

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BanKimoon Thu 30-Apr-15 12:05:29

If it were me, I'd have a team meeting and speak to them all face to face. For starters you'll be able to see how they all react and also you'll be able to judge the mood and pitch your speech accordingly. I don't think a letter can ever be as motivational as speaking to your team face to face.

In terms of how to address it, I'd focus on the aspect of team and pulling together and disappointment that whoever is stealing is letting down their colleagues as much as they are you (their employer). Maybe state how proud you are of such a great team and how you want to support that, but I'd also let the thief know there's going to be zero tolerance and when they are caught they will be dismissed.

Sorry this has happened to you, I worked in bars and restaurants when I was younger and I think there's often an us vs them attitude as so many staff are so young and a bit selfish - a bit of motivation and support for good work will really help!

pleasecutmygrass Wed 29-Apr-15 21:40:40

I own a small restaurant with 13 employees. We're normally a really tight little team but we've had a bit of a turnover of staff recently and in the last week several bottles of wine have been stolen as well as a member of staff's tips - these are obviously just the things I know about.

In the first instance I'd like to issue a letter to everyone highlighting how something like this casts suspicion on everyone and creates a really unpleasant working environment.

Any suggestions for the wording? I want to get across the seriousness but also inspire everyone a little bit and motivate them. Restaurant is normally a really great place to work but we had a large amount of money go missing a few months ago, had a clear out and now this again.

Feel I'm losing my way a little in how I'm dealing with it so any advice would be very welcome!

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