An Alternative Election: Please vote for Kare Kot!

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katharinepat Sun 26-Apr-15 11:12:14

I'm based in Northumberland and run my start up business from home. I'm hoping to secure votes in Richard Branson's Pitch to Rich competition for my innovative cotbed design, Kare Kot.

Basically when I had my daughter nearly six years ago, I experienced horrendous problems with her her bumping herself on the solid sides of her traditional barred cot, and in getting her arms and legs stuck in the cot bars. So I bought cot bumpers thinking they would protect her- but on reading the small print it states that there is a hazard of suffocation if used when the baby is mobile- so by eliminating one hazard I was potentially in danger of creating another. I'm not a designer, nor particularly creative, but that was enough for me to embark on a journey of cot design, systematically eliminating all the hazards I'd faced with my daughter.

Its taken me a long time to now be at final prototyping stage, juggling work and being a single mum of a young daughter, but I've now summoned up the courage to apply to Richard Branson's Pitch to Rich competition. The competition is about helping develop new ideas like mine for a completely new type of cot bed, Kare Kot. With the un-prompted help of Evie my daughter (now age 5) I've pulled together a 90 second pitch (with stunning support from Evie, as you can see at the end!) and then made a short written plea to win. I've entered the New Things category- as that is what Kare Kot is. The competition is based on votes, so I'm seeking as much support as possible and would really appreciate mumsnetters helping me to secure those all important votes.

You can view my pitch at:

Please circulate this to as many of your colleagues, friends and family as possible- you'd be helping to support safer and sounder sleep for babies!

Many thanks in anticipation of your votes!


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soundofmusic007 Mon 04-May-15 15:52:55

Hi, I am happy to vote for you - in fact i just did :-). May I ask you to vote for my friend Samantha too?
She is in a different category.
Thank you!

caroldecker Mon 04-May-15 16:14:51

Is it this one?

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