A mum friendly cafe in Wanstead

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Mumneedscoffee2014 Fri 17-Apr-15 11:23:07

Hi all
I'm new to Mumsnet so bear with me if I have posted this in the wrong section. I wanted to post this as a new thread in 'Wanstead' or 'borough of Redbridge' but wasn't sure how!

I would like to know if there are any mums out there who would like a child-friendly cafe on High St, Wanstead? I am a new mum & looking to start a cafe with my partner as our first business so that I can continue to look after my DS who is 14 mths old. There would be a child-friendly play area, breastfeeding/feeding mums of course welcome, baby/toddler activities/groups hosted there, specialty coffee, fresh baking, salads, artisan sandwiches etc...
We love the area & found a potential premises so I would love to hear from any parents out there if you're craving a baby-friendly cafe that doesn't compromise on quality food, coffee & service.
Thanks smile

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OVienna Fri 17-Apr-15 23:31:01

You might find quite a bit of competition on that street and high rents. There was a recent thread on here about running a cafe that was very detailed. Try a search and PM me if u can't find it(am currently on my phone.)

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 19-Apr-15 02:01:57

I live near there. There are plenty of women with babies/kids in Wanstead. However, I question how profitable they are as a group. They could quite easily just pay for 1 drink and hang around for a couple of hours.

They will probably be less likely to come in all day. I would imagine core hours 10 - 3 (esp if they have older ones at school).

It might be better to serve a wider audience - so don't go too far down the 'we are a baby/kids cafe'.

There is an active Facebook group called Wanstead Mums & Bumps, maybe search and request to join that. You could ask there.

I also believe there is a NCT coffee morning every week at 10 a the Manor House on Mondays. Perhaps you could join them one week to do some discrete market research.

I have worked in a cafe, it is completely full on. I question how feasible it would be to combine with looking after a child - you will realisitcally need childcare. Not sure if you meant having your child with you whilst you run it.

I have a 2 yr old. What I want from a cafe:

Space for a buggy
Enough high chairs
Baby changing facilities
A kids menu
Some toys/colouring
Somewhere that takes cards - lots of small places can be cash only which is a hassle

I would say the Larder would be your main competition.

Good luck.

Mumneedscoffee2014 Mon 20-Apr-15 13:15:54

Thanks @ovienna for your input.

Thank you also @mrsmargoleadbetter your comments and suggestions are very helpful. I will look into the Facebook & NCT groups. A wider audience is what w would like to cater for but I also wanted to include mums, bing one myself I know I look out for all the kid friendly things you listed. I think I will be working in & on the business so a childminder will definitely be necessary. Agreed that the larder would be our main competitor, I really like what they do but ours will be different! Thanks so much for your input.

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