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amidavis95 Thu 26-Mar-15 22:12:48

Recently set up a new business for a mobile crèche.. trying to get the name out there (All Events Childcare - and people to know and learn about what we do...
We offer all types of childcare and are trying to offer something a bit extra..
Bridal packages (allocated nanny for the bride & grooms children). Slumber party service (having a sleepover in the hotel Mum & Dad are staying at with the wedding/ event friends too). Daytime & Evening packages providing a mobile crèche for all ages.. toys, games, books, sensory, role play & craft etc. General hotel babysitting so that Mum & Dad can spend some quality time together/ have a spa treatment etc Proxy Parenting for the busy parents who have other commitments ie work or events, but the children would be far happier to stay at home and stick to routine (attending groups/ clubs, seeing friends or just simply being in their own bed). Please help us spread the work.. @aecchildcare

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