Which delivery company should I use to send my products

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davidjrmum Mon 04-May-15 21:27:20

For parcels under 2kg, post office is definitely best. Suggest you experiment re free delivery. We used to offer it but really impacting on our margins so don't offer free delivery now and volume of sales has not been affected.

Nickname1980 Thu 12-Mar-15 14:21:33

Hi everyone!

I am opening an online shop and I am starting to get a bit nervous about how expensive delivery is. I want to offer free delivery on purchases over a certain price to encourage people to buy more... but who is the best company to use when you're a small company? I doubt I'll be selling more than 5 things a day.

My items won't be huge, probably weighing less than a kilo, and fairly small in dimension. Is the post office the best bet? Or something like DPD?

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