Can anyone suggest how I can get more clients- queries about pricing etc for life coaching

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Everlearning Wed 18-Feb-15 08:42:07

Hi everyone
I am wondering if any of you have some pearls of wisdom about how to develop my practice.

I've been coaching- career and life coaching- for 10 years, but have never had masses of clients- perhaps 3-4 at any one time. I'm well qualified and belong to the Association for Coaching which is a very ethical professional association.

One issue I have is fees. In coaching there is a huge range- from £40 an hour to £150 an hour- amongst coaches. A coaching friend of mine who has increased her fees to over £100 hour has never been busier.

I wondered if any of you might be happy to give an opinion?

1.Would you expect and want to see fees on my website (Lots of coaches leave them off and leave them for discussion once a client has made contact- perhaps tailoring them to what they can afford.)

2. Would you think that a higher fee implied more experience and a better service?

3. Would you want to see some kind of 'justification' for the rate I charge? ie a face to face session incurs travelling expenses and time, I have overheads like rent for my office, running my website, and other fixed costs- or is that being a bit defensive?

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Pippidoeswhatshewants Wed 18-Feb-15 08:47:56

1. It's a tough one... I think you can leave your fees off the website, like some of your colleagues do.

2. I do tend to think that a higher fee equals a better service.

3. As soon as you "justify" your fee it becomes clear that you think it is too high! If you want to do any kind of justifying I would list your qualifications and some testimonials and/or case studies.

Everlearning Wed 18-Feb-15 09:08:46

Thank you!

It's tricky- some people may be put off by no fees ( ie 'if you have to ask, then it's likely to be too expensive') but on the other hand I feel some potential clients may look at the figure and be put off.

My fees are middling- £85 an hour, living in the SE. I don't work at it from a home office, I pay rent for a building, so I do have that to factor in (not that I'd say that to them) plus insurance, professional fees, websites, and all the other odds and sods of running a business, which have to be covered in the fee.

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nick2015 Wed 18-Feb-15 13:04:05

good question.
I think it is something hundreds of others who are self employed in any industry are asking..
I've re-read your post a couple of times and think that in order to generate more business (as your only doing 3-4 at any one time) it may pay you better to think about:
Q:How are you geting these leads currently? is it just through your website and/or personal recomendations?
Q: how many potential clients or 'leads' are you receiving a day/week/month? and/or, your current/existing client base, do you actively ask for referrals?
Q: most importantly how are you approaching these leads? what type of questions do you ask and do you have any structure when discussing your services?
Although im unsure of who your friend is that you mentioned, I am confident if they are exceptionally busy and charging £100ph they are selling themselves effectively in a passive manner.
Its interesting because about 2 months ago I was in the market for a life coach to help guide me, the cost was important but there are so many life coaches out there i struggled to differentiate the good ones from the bad.
I spoke with some and found they didnt sell themselves good enough so choose not to pursue as i didnt see the value.
I think life coaching is such a fantastic skill to have but your market are sometimes skeptical about how you can really help them.
Price is important but your ability to help them is more so.
people will approach you based on emotion not i need a cheap life coach.

look forward to your thoughts smile

MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 18-Feb-15 14:00:50

I like to see fees. I often look at these things at night and would like to see the info on your site. I also think it is transparent. That isn't to say you can be flexible with someone.

I know how much coaching is, I would question the quality at £40ph tbh....

Like Nick says, I doubt ppl are looking for the cheapest coach but one that can solve their problems.

Don't justify. If you are good then you are worth paying for. I doubt your clients care about your costs/business set up. They just want value for money.


changeychangechangeychange Wed 18-Feb-15 18:49:29

I would imagine that location and hours available were the key. Someone prepared to do evenings and weekends is an affluent city would be different from a 9-5 in a more deprived area.

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