Starting up a new language business, do you know any resources NW England?

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lateblooming Tue 27-Jan-15 16:45:47

After juggling children and work getting tired, frustrated, undervalued and underpaid I have come to the conclusion that several years of teaching might be a skill worth selling.
The idea seems particularly appealing when your pupils can be at the click of a mouse on the internet, so I am thinking about setting up a new tutoring business, including online tutoring and actual classes and workshops.
I would like to offer a website with a forum of discussions, videos testimonies of learners.
I haven't got a dime and I am pretty much clueless about setting up a business.
Do you know of any resources and support available in the North West?
I might need assistance with Wordpress, tutorial on Skype for work, admin support, business networks, women support?

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