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Slippersmum Mon 23-Mar-15 21:23:55

Thanks Izzyg messaged you.

Izzyg89 Mon 23-Mar-15 20:51:51

I sell at parties, toddler groups, craft fairs, via baskets left in offices, schools, GP surgery, dentist, hairdressers etc, fundraisers (e.g. Schools, brownies), at the local WI, through brochure drops, on my Facebook page and via my website. A lot of my sales are from repeat customers who regularly order from the brochure. I hand out brochures to people that I meet every day e.g. at the school gate, at swimming lessons, to customers to take into work, anywhere with a waiting room! We sell a product that 90% of the population use all year round, so there are plenty of customers out there. You can pick and choose which ways of selling suit you.

Slippersmum Mon 23-Mar-15 20:22:55

Apart from parties and friends what other ways do people sell the products?

JuliaPeculia Fri 20-Mar-15 14:47:28

Hi I've just stumbled across this thread. I'm a Phoenix Trader too and I have been doing it for nearly 9 years. I have built it up into a proper part-time income, after starting in a small way when my children were small. It definitely works and it's a fab company to be a part of.
I should mention that there's a special offer for new joiners, where you get a free e-commerce website if you join before the end of March 2015. Shout if you want any more info!

Izzyg89 Wed 18-Mar-15 12:58:43

Basic commission is 30%, so you make 30p for every £1 in sales. It's actually slightly higher for card sales (you make either 42p or 77p per card). Phoenix will tell you that our average customer sale is £22, so you typically make £6.60 on an average sale. I've just made one of those this morning to a neighbour who came round for coffee, and left with a pile of cards!

There is a further sales bonus scheme, and you can make up to an additional 15% in bonus each month, depending on your overall monthly sales. When you develop a team, Phoenix will also pay you commission on overall team sales of up to 10%.

I hope that makes things a little clearer?

Slippersmum Wed 18-Mar-15 12:02:02

Thanks Izzgy - I knew when I was posting that it was a kind of how long is a piece of string question so I completely understand your reply. So say for example if we base it on commission per card, if I sold 1 card what would the commission on that be? Or if you can think of a better way to explain the commission (which I am sure you can) how would you explain it?

Izzyg89 Tue 17-Mar-15 21:35:28

Sorry if this sounds like I'm evading the question Slippersmum, but it's really difficult to answer! You earn money in Phoenix based on sales, not the hours that you work. Phoenix is a commission based business, not a job. I can't tell you, for instance, that you will earn £10 an hour, because it depends what you sell in that time. I have team members who just sell to family and friends, and earn enough to buy a pair of shoes occasionally. I have others who hold a party a week and earn a couple of hundred pounds. Others are building a team and benefiting from both their own and team commission.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk through what you are planning on doing with your Phoenix business, and I can probably give you more idea.


Slippersmum Tue 17-Mar-15 19:57:02

Hi I know this thread was posted a while ago but I have been thinking of doing this recently. Can I be cheeky and ask what sort of money you can expect to earn? I know it depends how many hours you work but just a rough idea would be great thanks

3HotCrossBuns Mon 26-Jan-15 17:46:11

Hi. I'm a Phoenix trader too and just wanted to add to the positive messages here. I've been doing it about 14 months and def appreciate the flexibility to work as and when I choose. The products are so lovely they (more or less) sell themselves! Also I agree that's its helpful to have other traders nearby - to share stock and support each other.
Good luck and I wish you every success!

Izzyg89 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:55:13

That is exciting, Willow. My customers are loving the new range of cards and stationery this month. I think we have a brilliant opportunity with Phoenix and you've joined at a great time! I wish you loads of success in your new business.

willow35 Fri 23-Jan-15 04:51:39

Hi izzy
Thank you for your message. I just wanted to let you know I signed up yesterday. I am very excited. You really helped make the decision so thank you x

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Izzyg89 Thu 22-Jan-15 09:06:56

Good luck with Phoenix. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

willow35 Thu 22-Jan-15 06:17:20

Thank you for your message. It really helps to hear from someone actually selling. I think I am going to go for it. X

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Izzyg89 Wed 21-Jan-15 22:29:44

Hi Willow

I've been a Phoenix Trader for 4 years and I really enjoy it. I started when my son was 2, and I've been able to build my small business around him. The company are great to work with and there is lots of help and support available.

We do not work in territories, so you are free to sell where you choose. Phoenix can tell you how many traders are in your broad postcode area if you contact them directly. I was concerned about other traders when I first started, but it's never been a problem. I have another very active trader who lives just 3 miles away, but we don't have a negative impact on one another. We actually share stock and help one another out, rather than competing. Only 1% of the cards sold in the UK are Phoenix, so there's lots of scope to sell!

I hope that helps, but if you've got any more specific questions just ask.

willow35 Wed 21-Jan-15 07:41:33

Hello all.
New to this so I hope I get it right.
I am thinking about starting to sell phoenix cards but need any advice I can get.
I am grateful for any comments, many thanks willow
I also need to find out if my area is already covered smile

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