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MamaMary Wed 29-Oct-14 14:28:29

I've been asked to be on a tender for a copy-editing job. It's for a book -700 pages/ 275,000 words.

I've been asked to give my daily rate and the estimated time it will take to do the job. I.e. no. of days.

I've done copy-writing before, but never copy-editing. And I don't do this kind of stuff very often. Any ideas? The subject is close to my specialist one.

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IrenetheQuaint Wed 29-Oct-14 14:32:40

Hmm. The time/budget depends how much work the manuscript needs, can you ask for a sample?

The SFEP website gives hourly rates for freelancers, though bear in mind that most companies pay less.

Do you know what you're doing vis a vis copy-editing? It's a big project to start on...

MamaMary Wed 29-Oct-14 14:40:07

Yes, I've done proof-reading and copy-writing and had a read at the SfEP website about what copy-editing entails. It's something I can do. Just unsure how long it typically takes per 1,000 words etc.

The book has images etc in it. I can ask for a sample but it's unlikely they can get one (typically for this company they need my answer today.)

I'm more concerned about the time it will take than the rate. If they don't accept a rate I think is reasonable I'll just not do it.

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MamaMary Wed 29-Oct-14 14:50:57

Sorry, will clarify that - I won't be expected to copy-edit any images - just straight text on a Word document.

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dogrilla Thu 30-Oct-14 16:59:04

I charge around £10 for 1000 words, but it often works out below my normal hourly rate - especially if the writing is poor or a lot of checking is needed. If you can, do a 1,000 word test edit to gauge the speed you're likely to do it in.

MamaMary Thu 30-Oct-14 17:40:30

Thanks, Dogrilla. I've requested a sample and they've said they'll try to get me one.

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MamaMary Fri 31-Oct-14 14:16:03

Does 3,000 words per hour sound realistic for proof-reading?

That's what it suggests on Sfep.

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dogrilla Sun 02-Nov-14 07:11:09

Proofreading yes, copy-editing no. Copy-editing will take longer, and ideally should be followed by a proofread (by someone else).

CocktailQueen Sat 08-Nov-14 21:20:51

You definitely need a sample to work out how many hours it will take. Then edit 1000 words and see how long it takes you. Then find out how many references the are and what shape they are in. Are there figures and tables to check? Non-native English speaking author? add on time for resolving author queries and some 'buggeration' time.

For a 275k word job I would be looking at about 1750 words per hour, plus say 10 hours for running consistency checks and emailing author to resolve queries.

CocktailQueen Sat 08-Nov-14 21:21:43

3000 words per hour could be realistic for proofreading - all depends on the job. Is it a self publisher, is it for a publishing house and has the ms been edited?

Cleebourg Thu 04-Dec-14 13:12:35

Hello OP, "Yes, I've done proof-reading and copy-writing and had a read at the SfEP website about what copy-editing entails. It's something I can do."

At risk of teaching my grandmother, I have Butcher's 'Copy-editing' on my shelf. The edition I have is available 2nd-hand online for as little as £0.16p + p&p (no, that's not my copy, I'm hanging on to it!).

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