Is anyone making money dropshipping on eBay?

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sarahm78 Fri 10-Oct-14 13:25:05

I recently started dropshipping on eBay. I did an online training course for £12.50 and they teach you everything you need to know and have loads of tools and suppliers to use.

There is no stock or outlay, or deliveries. I list products on eBay and if they sell, then I buy them from my supplier online and get them sent direct to the customer.

It's a great way to make money from home (I don't even need to go to the postoffice!), this is the first work from home opportunity that has been profitable for me.

Just wondering if anyone else doing something similar? Would love to hear your stories!

Sarah x

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TalkinPeace Fri 10-Oct-14 14:13:05

the way ebay is now, you only need two or three parcels lost in the post to get your account shut down

there used to be lots of money in dropshipping but the DSRs killed it a couple of years back

the ebay business board was my first internet 'home' and it was once a very happy place : not any longer, especially with the blinking Global Seller Programme coming in

AND you'll get undercut within a few months so be on constant lookout for new products

sarahm78 Fri 10-Oct-14 15:31:36

Hi TalkinPeace,
Thanks for your reply. I have had 2 missing parcels and 2 damaged ones so far. But each time the supplier automatically sent replacements, so the customers were happy enough. I haven't had any negative feedback yet. Is it cases opened or negative feedback that gets your account shut down?

I agree it's competitive and I do add new items often, but so far it has been very profitable for me, especially for the short hours that I need to put in. And it fits perfectly around my day job and kids

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TalkinPeace Fri 10-Oct-14 15:45:00

And it fits perfectly around my day job and kids
I take it you have registered with HMRC and all that - as every penny you make on ebay will be taxable if you have a day job

sarahm78 Fri 10-Oct-14 15:51:50

Yes, I am a qualified accountant too, so I knew to do that and what records to keep etc.
What do you do now, did you find something that works better for you than dropshipping? Sarah x

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TalkinPeace Sun 12-Oct-14 17:55:10

I was never an ebay trader : I just used to help out on the boards while my personal listings were going on

davidjrmum Sun 12-Oct-14 18:01:47

If you've only recently started and already have 2 lost parcels and 2 damaged ones that's not a great record. We've been selling online for 4 years and have only had a handful of missing parcels in all that time. Must admit to wondering if you're for real. I don't know anyone who makes much from dropshipping.

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 12-Oct-14 18:15:13

As someone who has an online business (not through eBay) there are very few products you can actually make money on drop shipping. And that is without ebay fees.

The suppliers overheads are very high as they have to post individual items so the cost to you is pretty close to rrp, would expect it to be nearly impossible to make money with this on eBay as people want a bargain and you have eBay fees. Also, presumably everyone who attends this course will be told about the same suppliers and products, so lots of people trying to sell the same products at the same price.

BakernDavisItWorks11 Sun 07-Dec-14 00:47:12

Hiya, I tried drop shipping on ebay but I wasn't too successful. Have you managed to make a go of it?

thriftypence Sun 23-Apr-17 08:48:22

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