Mentioning part time working at interview

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Emilysarah80 Fri 03-Oct-14 18:00:23

Hi ladies, really hoping for some advice on this one.

I've been invited back for a second round interview for a job that sounds amazing. I currently work four days a week and really don't want to start working full time as I love my day with my little boy (aged 2).

My question is, do I mention that I'd like to work four days at my next interview? I'm more than happy yo work flexibly and am happy to consider working longer hours on the four days I'm there.

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DurhamDurham Sun 05-Oct-14 13:48:36

I would be tempted to wait until the job offer stage, at that point they have already decided that they want you. I wouldn't want it to be part of the decision making process.

Azquilith Sun 05-Oct-14 13:55:51

I wouldn't. If they offer, there's more power in your hand to negotiate.

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