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shockofred Sun 14-Sep-14 10:00:03

Hi! I have a small online website selling niche products, but in a growth area. I have been running about a year and a half, with a blog alongside, lots of coverage with notable bloggers etc, and things have been ticking along nicely. I come up organically on the first page in a google search of a couple of relevant keywords, and have okayish facebook and twitter numbers. However, business has dropped off the edge of a cliff in the past couple of months (school holidays will play a part in this I know, but I can't help but thing there is something more?) I have tried facebook post boosting in the past, but wasn't very impressed. I am halfway through setting up a Google Adwords campaign but really have no idea what I am doing. I have read a few of the threads on here which are really helpful, but wondered if anyone could talk me through it (I want to spend a tiny amount to see if it helps, so have set my budget at £1 per day, with a £75 voucher if I spend £25 i the first month). Please can anyone help?

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MisForMumNotMaid Sun 14-Sep-14 18:31:41

I'm just launching an Etsy shop (went live end of last week) and there are lots of useful Etsy articles on SEO, keyword research and marketing that may be relevant light reading, until someone comes along who can answer your actual questions.

Marketing with Instagram
key word research
SEO and Stats

These are the ones I've currently got open in windows and I'm reading.

shockofred Sun 14-Sep-14 18:39:17

Thanks! Bedtime reading smile

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Gfplux Tue 16-Sep-14 20:10:35

Are your products repeat buys. If so you should be mining past customers. Your customer list can be one of the most valuable asset in your business.

shockofred Tue 16-Sep-14 23:03:55

Thanks! Yes they are - I have quite an active facebook page and in theory have a newsletter, but I have a very small number of sign ups so I was considering scrapping it to be honest. My customers can sign up to an account with my store so they're details are saved too. I sent postcards with a discount code out with most orders. What else should I be doing? I don't want to be too spammy?

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Gfplux Wed 17-Sep-14 10:36:35

Have you built a detailed database of clients. If not start now. Look at that database and then try and target promos to match previous buys or items that compliment previous buys.

shockofred Wed 17-Sep-14 10:55:15

Ah I see! Good plan - I do have emails and previous order details so I'll have a good look and see how I can utilise it. Thanks!

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