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redtiger1079 Tue 19-Aug-14 23:09:54


I left my work several months ago, and am starting a new website which falls into the 'social entrepreneur' category. The site is essentially about work and careers and involves making connections with and interviewing people.

I've always, always worked better with one other person than alone, and I'd love to do it with someone.

As is the nature of such new ventures, it is a risk and not renumerated. There are ways to 'monetise' the site but I am pretty sure that won't be for another few months.

Everyone I've spoken to thinks it's a good idea. I've had a draft site knocked up and am paying a few hundred quid to get it done so it looks more professional.

I've put ads on gumtree, facebook, asked around, and cannot for the life of me find someone who is willing to take on this risk.

If there is anyone out there, or if you know anyone who is looking for a new venture/wants to do something interesting and worthwhile, will you please ask them to get in touch?

Or, does anyone know where I might find my web-soul-partner..?

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NerfHerder Tue 19-Aug-14 23:15:43

Are you in any local business networks? They're the kind of place you'd most likely find someone to take you on, as they'll have a good idea whether or not there's a market for this kind of service in your area.

Why did you leave your job first?
Seems an odd decision for someone that is trying to become effectively a careers service!
I doubt gumtree or fb will have anyone reading that is interested in financing your venture- they're not for business matters. Get involved in your local business networks- people who know people are what you need.

redtiger1079 Tue 19-Aug-14 23:25:17


I tried the local ealing mums in business, to no avail, sadly.

I agree - people who know people is the way to go, but I'm struggling, because everyone I know is gainfully employed.

I left the old job because I was fed up and then fell pregnant (left mid pregnancy), knowing I'd be at home for 6 months anyway - it seemed like a natural break.

I'm not looking for financing - it is a low cost venture that needs time and commitment, and some knowledge of social media, I'm looking for someone's time - investment in that sense.

I thought it might suit someone who is in the same position as me - not in desperate need of money (so has the luxury of taking this risk), ambitious, in need of a challenge etc

I'll try other london networks, though, thank you

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NerfHerder Tue 19-Aug-14 23:47:47

You could try a small-business ad (on here for example), or maybe some other business networks? If you're in London there are probably hundreds of them tbh!

What about in your circle of baby-mums? People there may have expertise, contacts, time to get involved?

redtiger1079 Tue 19-Aug-14 23:56:39

I will look at the small business ads, thank you. I'm not an accomplished or knowledgeable mn user (yet?)

I tried the baby mum group - they are either going back to their jobs OR not going back to work at all.

I have to admit also, I think I'm a lot more ambitious than them. Thatisnt of course meant in any disparaging way - it's just that I go a bit nutty if I'm not achieving anything, if that makes sense...

There must be another mother like me, surely!..

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ohbladee Wed 20-Aug-14 00:47:49

Hi OP. Just tried to get DH interested but unfortunately he/we just have too much on right now.

Try Ealing tweet up? Search #ealingtu on Twitter.

2Retts Wed 20-Aug-14 00:50:32

Are you looking for someone specifically in your area redtiger?

What level of time commitment are you seeking?

redtiger1079 Wed 20-Aug-14 01:01:01

Hmm. Perhaps he can be persuaded?

pm me?

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redtiger1079 Wed 20-Aug-14 01:05:26


For sentimental and psychological reasons, of course I'd like someone near me - it is always nice to work within striking distance of colleagues, but it's not necessary. Someone in the Highlands could do it, if they wanted to. (but we would have to meet to ensure we got on/shared values/liked each other etc)

re: commitment - anyone interested would have to view it the same way they'd want to nurse their own business. ie, needs energy and time at the start to grow it - that said, I've been putting in about 3-4 hours a day some days and more and less on others (have a 5 month old daughter) and it has grown from nothing to approaching 80 profiles!

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Rowingdowntheriver Fri 29-Aug-14 07:00:16


Do you know what you are looking for in a colleague and can you expand on why the business will benefit from them. Also a bit more info on what committment is required would be useful.

I'm not interested myself but I know, for example if it was a finance type person that you were looking for, you could advertise on an accounting forum.

What you have written seems a bit vague at the moment!

Lolly57 Wed 03-Sep-14 12:02:48

Hi redtiger!

I'm also starting up a social enterprise - also to do with employment and careers so it sounds like we're in a similar boat! Mine will be working with 16-24 year old NEETS (not in employment education or training) as this was my professional background before I had my youngest daughter.

There are so many unique challenges that social enterprises face - mainly getting the balance between the "social" bit and the "enterprise" bit!

Have you tried approaching UnLtd for finding? I'm currently going through their application process and just submitted my application form. They give grants of up to £5000 for social entrepreneurs and are a lovely bunch of people - fingers crossed im successful!

I'd love to hear more about your business if you want to post or PM. Might be nice to have a like minded soc-ent buddy to bounce ideas off!

All the very best!

Lolly57 Wed 03-Sep-14 12:05:23

Sorry tiger I just read you're not looking for financial support - I'd still recommend UnLtd though just for the mentoring aspect!

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