Working fro home and getting buildings and contents insurance?

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chopin33 Sun 10-Aug-14 20:53:03

Hi this is to all of you who run a business from home. I need to renew buildings and contents insurance policy but have noticed that a lot of the policies do not cover those who also use their home for business purposes also. So who do you use and if you don't mind my asking how much do you pay please?

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MagpieMama Sun 10-Aug-14 21:27:54

Bumping for you and following as DH and I are about to be in the same position.

chopin33 Mon 11-Aug-14 19:45:54

Hi Magpie Mama hi I was a bit worried about the monthly cost of my buildings and contents insurance as Nat West had told me they would charge 48 pounds plus each month. I found an online deal with the Halifax which was a lot better. I rang them today and said that I had a home based business and did admin/paperwork at home and did food prep at home but had no visitors to our house for the business. They have offered buildings insurance circa 11 pounds per month and what they call clerical cover for contents which covers business stock. Upto 5 thousand. I got the necesssary cover and a lot cheaper than the Nat West had quoted. Best of luck to you and your DH!

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MagpieMama Wed 13-Aug-14 12:56:25


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