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ThiefOnMyIsland Thu 03-Jul-14 14:48:43

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this.

I've been in my current role for 22 weeks. I work a 40 hour week and commute just over 60 miles per day (round trip). Sometimes travel can take up to 3 hours a day altogether, it just depends on traffic.

I am considering requesting flexible working with my employer, but I'm not sure it will go down too well with my line manager. I'm trying not to give too much away but things here have always been done a certain way and to deviate from 'the way we've always done it' can lead to negative responses. The CEO has positive thoughts to flexible working, whilst my line manager has less so. I am wanting to ask for a working from home day once a week (two would probably be better but I think that may be pushing it).

I am the sole fundraiser for the organisation and that is meant to encompass everything (advertising, marketing, events, PR, donations, letter writing, grant making etc). It is a lot of hard work and I'm finding more and more that I'm pretty much being taken over by the donations and letter writing side of things. I get interrupted in my office frequently. I believe that working from home would allow me to formulate proper marketing and fundraising strategies (as we currently have none), as well as focus on other aspects of my job that I cannot focus on at the moment.

In the past fortnight the traffic has been a nightmare, resulting in my being late for work on a few occasions. Our eldest daughter goes to out of school club, which opens at 7.15, so I drop her off and come to work. I stress about getting here on time and about getting home in time to do the pick ups. In a way we kind of do flexible working already,for example I was late by 30 minutes last week but got here early by 40 minutes so it all balanced out. When I was given the job, I was told that any extra time I worked would be given in lieu. However, I've found that this isn't the case. Since I've started I've worked roughly an extra 2 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less) per week. My line manager is frequently here 40 minutes early every day (and stays after finishing time), but when she had an appointment a few weeks ago and was in an hour late she mentioned having to make that hour back up.

I don't want to step on any toes, but at the moment I am becoming quite disillusioned with the role. It sounded perfect on paper and a chance to really gain some good experience in many different areas, but I'm so bogged down by admin stuff that there's no way I can do certain parts of the job that I was brought in to do. The only way I'd be able to do those parts would be to work after getting home and with three children, one still breastfeeding morning and night, I find myself too exhausted to do that at the moment.

Would I be unreasonable requesting flexible working? I'm not sure who to address the letter to when I apply formally at the beginning of next month - line manager and CEO?

Any positive stories of flexible working requests would be most welcome. Thanks in advance and apologies for the long post thanks wine

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MintChocc Thu 31-Jul-14 20:04:31

Well, they can always refuse it, but they need to give you a valid reason.

You should explain to your employer how you think this will impact your productivity and your team's. Also, propose a trial period.

Personally, I think you have nothing to lose. Good luck!

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