Salaries for business owners doing different jobs??

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Peanutbutternutter419 Mon 09-Jun-14 11:12:36

Hi All,

I will try my best to give enough details without creating an essay.
In a nutshell, me and brother took over family construction business, let surveyor go and absorbed all the work between us. I went from 2 mornings to 3 full days and he works 5 days a week. He has been doing his job for the last 3 years but has slightly increased work load due to taking some of surveyors work on site etc.

I was mainly just doing basic office duties such as payroll and invoices etc but am now the sole person in the office so effectively a bookkeeper, accountant, admin and surveyor.

We have also started a sister company working alongside the existing company to phase out the old one so effectively I do everything twice...every month. 2 sets of accounts, invoices, material purchases, Vat returns, Cis returns....the lot!! Quite a headache!

We have up to 10 subcontractors at any time working across 7 sites.

My brother is on the same wage as his workload has not adjusted that much as I have taken it on most of it...he cannot do paperwork at all, wouldn't even know where to start. He is paid on par with other contracts managers in the area.

I am not trained in these roles and was previously a teacher so I have had 6 months of a steep learning curve.
As my job contains so many different aspects...I don't even know what job role to give myself let alone know what salary I should be on...

Please could someone in a similar situation shed some light?

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LancashireMan Mon 09-Jun-14 16:06:41

You're not very clear in your message. Do you mean you think you're not getting enough dosh/brother is getting too much? Please be more clear.

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