Personal trainer start up. Franchise or go-it-alone?

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PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 30-May-14 16:56:07

I'm looking at starting up a personal training business (with nutrition and holistic health elements to add down the line)
I'm wondering if I should start off under a franchise to get things going, or bite the bullet and go it alone? Especially as ideally I'd like to focus on pre/post natal as a specialism as it's an under-developed market...

Does anyone have experience in this industry and have any words of wisdom. With respect to the franchise or to the overall set-up?


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kukeslala Fri 30-May-14 20:44:07

I dont have any experience with personal training franchises but do with another business area.

The main reason for really using a franchise is the business branding, so my question would be is this a brand known and would you need their branding to start up?

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