freelancing CVs?

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whatdoesittake48 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:49:12

Following on from my recent thread, I am relaunching myself as a "proper" copywriter. As part of that I have re-jigged my website. reinvigorated my rates and pulled up my socks.

Next on the list is a cv/portfolio. I want to pitch myself to advertising, digital agencies to try and get writing work. Plus I might want a document I can send out to prospective private clients.

I am willing to pay for a good CV as I don't have any design skills. But just don't know what to include, how to word it, what it should look like.

I love the infographic style, but feel this might be overdone.

The fact is that I turn 41 tomorrow (!) and feel that the last five years of copywriting is the career direction I should have taken when I was 20 - but instead I did something completely different (finance). i also had 7 years as a SAHM and 3 years as a receptionist...

How on earth do I show what I have done on one cohesive and interesting page.

I have a portfolio on my website so can link to that - but should my CV show examples?

I want to wow people. but feel very underwhelmed at my achievements.

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whatdoesittake48 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:51:01

oh and should a freelancer even have a cv - is it expected? is it called something else? And what is a "look book" for heaven's sake!

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 11-Apr-14 14:46:56


I am not a copywriter, so maybe some better informed will be able to tell you what they do...

However, I think all you need is a good LinkedIn profile as you probably know. To mean that means:

- picture
- headline
- summary filled out
- 'story tell' about previous roles, talk about impact of what you did not just what you did
- use their newish portfolio section?
- testimonials from those you have worked with esp if from PPH (draft them your self for ease)

and a nice website which can be your online business card which includes your work and testimonials. I think people are probably interested in what you have done recently, not in the past?

I hate to say it but a CV for a freelancer feels a bit dated I think? The only time I think it would be useful is if you are applying for a contract role and the commissioning process is more like traditional recruitment than finding a supplier. And in that case a more 'standard' CV would be more appropriate I think?

As a marketing freelancer I don't think I have presented a CV aside from contract roles.


WilsonFrickett Fri 11-Apr-14 23:13:55

I have a cv but I've never been asked for it. I have sent it to a couple of clients as a sort of 'here's a bit of back up that I am who I say I am' type thing, but it's never the 'lead' item. Getting a decent portfolio together is more important, whether thatd on your own website or a portfolio hosting site.

Well done on the reboot!

WilsonFrickett Fri 11-Apr-14 23:16:18

Oh, meant to say a lot of my work is in financial services and usually confidential, so I can't share it with other financial services clients, so that's why it's useful to have a cv saying '10 years in financial services'. If I didn't do so much confidential work I wouldn't bother probably.

WaitingForMe Thu 17-Apr-14 13:35:43

TBH I think you need to learn to do it yourself. Otherwise what do you say when the client loves the portfolio and asks for their report to be in the same style?

The answer is to pretend you are a virtual assistant gathering data for a client and get your competition to send you their stuff. Assess that for what is good and create a template which you then fill in.

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