self-employed HR consultant would like to network with others?

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thekingfisher Tue 25-Mar-14 07:20:39


Is anyone an HR consultant freelance or self-employed/ Employment lawyer type and would like to network with others in a similar industry. I am based in East Anglia after an early career in London and really don't know anyone else in this industry in the same boat ( have other friends!) so other than networking via CIPD communities etc would really welcome some contact with others in a similar situation.

It helps to chew over tricky issues or cases and perhaps share useful info etc.

I am happy to connect through Mumsnet purely or linkedin etc


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yummumto3girls Mon 07-Apr-14 21:45:53

Hi, I'm just setting myself up as an HR Consultant, happy to link up on LinkedIn! Do you want to PM me and I'll provide further info? (Sorry never PM'd before!)

YouPutYourRightArmIn Thu 17-Apr-14 10:42:52

I'm not currently self-employed or freelance, but considering taking voluntary redundancy which will kick in during my maternity leave with DC2 (due in the summer). I currently work in a specialist area of HR (Global Mobility) and have wondered if I could do this on a consultative basis on my own.......

You can PM me too - and I'm also on LinkedIn.

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