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Cammy123 Sat 01-Mar-14 10:05:37

I have a great website but no one can find me - does anyone have experience of using a company to set up key words on google search? I am worried about being conned on costs and would prefer to use a company which has been recommended - I am in the Leeds area if that makes a difference

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Saffra Thu 20-Mar-14 22:47:33

PPC and SEO are two different things.

For SEO, I would recommend checking out the resources on moz.com. Better to educate yourself first, before either DIY or finding someone who you know meets your needs. Quite honestly, there are so many rubbish SEOs out there, who can inflict a lot of damage. I tslk from experience -sadly.

Zizio Mon 24-Mar-14 14:34:25

Have you tried PPC yourself?

Assuming you haven't , you can use the Google Keyword planner to identify keywords and keyword groups in your niche and alongside this something such as Keyword Spy.

Google has an adwords help team you can call and I have found them helpful. Once you call them, they can show you step step of successfully setting up a campaign. If there is something you don't quiet understand along the way don't be afraid to let them know and to ask anything that isn't clear.

If you have never set up an adwords account for that domain name
you are more likely eligible for a trial free adwords voucher.

Moz is the best for SEO resources as well as SEMrush.

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