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dramajustfollowsme Wed 26-Feb-14 08:49:13

I am a primary/nursery teacher with 15 years experience. I have just inherited some money and am thinking of setting up a private day nursery in our town.
At present there is only one private nursery here and many people choose not to use it.
The area is growing rapidly with 2 new business parks in the process of being built.
I have an understanding of the childcare aspect from 3 up but only experience as a mum and nursery user for under 3s.
I don't know about running a business although my dh works in payroll and accounts so can be some help.
I think it is a good idea and there does seem to be a need for a choice of childcare in the area and long waiting lists for childcare for miles around.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Quoteunquote Wed 26-Feb-14 11:09:27

We had an amazing one locally set up by someone just like you,

All of my children went there,

Everyone who worked there were over 35 with most in there 40s and 50s, I think this made a huge difference.

Lots of messy play stations, welly walks (even in the rain) and staggered play,

when the children came in the morning, they hung their coat and bag on a peg with a photo of them on, with their name,

went into a large room with large tables with different activities, lots of activities on the floor, water fun, painting, then a tidy up time followed by fruit, water, milk, veg, toast., snacks,

Then outside to play, lots of scooters, peddle cars bikes, sand, diggers, slides, we has a slope and hill so they wizzed round, in an enclosed space, balls, buckets and spades.

all the children would go for a group walk around the woods and fields, different every day,

back inside and into the bouncy room, a massive room half filled with bouncy pads on the floor and walls, slides soft massive shapes to climb on,

the other half of the room has wendy houses, castles, forts, a massive dressing up box and rail, dolls, doll buggies,

children played, then a tidy up, followed by parachute play, dance games, sit down sing along, and then some stories,

followed by lunch,

then repeat the above.

the children started by going along with their parents a few morning a week, the Tiddles (mums and babies) as it was called, started in the soft play room, in the morning, while the big ones were in the Activity room, when the big ones had had snacks and gone out to play, the Tiddlers would go to activities and have their snack, when the big ones went for their walk, the toddlers would go to outside play, then a short walk, then into activities, when the big ones went into lunch, the tiddlers went into soft play for a last bounce , sing-song, story.

One of the staff, usually the woman who started the nursery would lead the toddler group, they had a high staff to child, it was alway over subscribed with a massive waiting list.

children mostly started doing a few mornings, or afternoons, and built it up, mine loved it, I really do think their policy of having older very experienced staff made it a very calm environment.

we also had access to a large sport hall next to the nursery, so on very wet days the outside play was in there, lots of balls ,trikes, peddle tractors, and those Scandinavian outside push long toys, some with trailers.

You need somewhere with at least two very large rooms,kitchen, loos, large hall ways, great outside space, green areas to take children out for walks.

WipsGlitter Wed 26-Feb-14 11:19:18

First question - why are people not using the existing one? Is it crap? Or are most people in the area on lower wages and need cheaper childcare options eg family?

There ara a lot of regulations / ratios / high staff turnover / insurance / premises. I've a friend who has one and he says it's a nightmare particularly staff tune over.

Look at for some basic advice.

SameAsYou Wed 26-Feb-14 11:26:11

I'd maybe ask around why people don't use it? Could you visit the nursery yourself?

dramajustfollowsme Wed 26-Feb-14 17:52:29

I viewed the nursery when looking for a place for dd, 2years ago. I think my view seems to be the same as a lot of people around here.
They have one massive room for 3m to 3 yrs. In one corner there are mats on the floor for children to sleep, along another wall there is a row of potties for toilet training.
The staff didn't seem to engage the children very much and although it was child led they didn't appear to support the play.
There is a huge staff turnover.
I felt dd would have been overwhelmed and as she wasn't the best of sleepers anyway, I didn't think she would sleep in that environment with so much else going on.
They don't really have competition for about a 10 mile radius but I just felt it was too massive for dd. I'm not saying that it isn't right for some children but I do think that an alternative day care setting is needed around here. There are excellent play groups and a preschool. However if parents are working these are not always suitable as they are all either mornings or afternoons - none are whole days. They run to school hours so people use child Minders too. There has been no spaces at child minders for 2 years in the area.
This is why so many people look further afield. We are in quite an affluent area with lots of big oil companies around.
I've been toying with the idea for a while, since I looked at what was on offer for dd.
I love the working with children aspect of it but am a little scared of all the paperwork and regulations involved.

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