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Ticks84 Tue 25-Feb-14 09:54:03

Hi everyone.
I am a trained Norland nanny with extra qualifications such as sleep training,weaning and baby care. Over the next couple of months I'm looking to do more qualifications in breast feeding, maternity nursing and post natal depression.

I am looking to be a parenting type guru, to help new mums etc. I know that this is something that is already out there. But I noticed it's quite an expensive job (at between 150-300 for an hours skype and a 6 week plan) so I wondered is it something people are using at the moment or are people still tightening their belt.

I also wondered if people would be interested in a helpful app, which could have information, hints, a diary type note pad, an alarm function, timer (for controlled crying) and anything else parents might want.

I also thought of a small online shop to sell sleep, weaning, breast feeding items.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Has anyone used a service like this?
Thank you for any feedback

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Numbers123 Tue 25-Feb-14 13:03:18

Hi, I think this is a good business idea! I have friends who struggled with their LO sleeping and were paying a huge amount of money out to have a sleep nanny come to them and other friends who wished they could afford help like that but it was to pricey.

App sounds like a great idea, as does the online shop as so many products to choose from these days, good if you were stocking ones you recommend and use in your training

Defintely do the extra qualifications in breast feeding and post natal as the areas seem linked at the best of times and defintely the demand there

Good ideas, but do your research and complete a business plan before you press the go button!

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