Employed & self-employed - SMP?

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confusedofengland Thu 13-Feb-14 03:45:30

I am pregnant with DC3. I currently work part-time for a firm, and am on their PAYE payroll. I have been employed by them for about a year & receive enough money each month to qualify for SMP (according to what I have read online).

However, I am also registered self-employed. I have just filled in & sent back an online tax return for 2012-2013. But it was a NIL return & I have not done any work as a self-employed person since working PAYE for the other firm.

Do I qualify for SMP from my employer?

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puzi Thu 13-Feb-14 04:48:46

If you don't qualify for SMP you will probably qualify for Maternity Allowance. You need to check with your employer and then look here:

It depends on lots of things but you should get something.

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