Starting up a deep cleaning company

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SaintVera Fri 03-Jan-14 17:48:34

I am working as a self-employed gardener and cleaner in private houses and gardens. I have been thinking for a while about the possibility of setting up a business doing deep cleans for social services/health clients (e.g., people who have been unable to manage their houses for whatever reason and need a complete clean and rubbish clearance while they are in hospital). My husband works in mental health and they frequently need these services. Having been a nurse, I have a stomach of steel and I am aware that some houses will be very unpleasant to clean, but I would want to provide a caring service.

Does anyone have experience of running such a business? I am keen to know how I get information about insurance, equipment, handling and disposing of hazardous waste and whether it is possible to do as a very small business, e.g., one or two people


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Panadbois Fri 10-Jan-14 16:30:46

Hi. My friend used to sort out houses and garden for the council between tenants. She had to deal with a lot of crap and drug paraphernalia.

I will ask her how she was given the contracts for you.

SaintVera Sun 12-Jan-14 15:50:48

Thanks very much Panadbois, most appreciated. I know that my husband's team don't use a contracted business - they just get three quotes and take the cheapest each time - but they don't have regular need for deep cleaners.

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