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Has anyone got a baby sensory franchise? advice needed

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slinginthecity Wed 22-May-13 17:29:56

Hi, I'm looking into the option of buying into a baby sensory franchise and wondered if anyone has one and could give me some advice from their experience of what its like and what the
pitfalls are etc. Any advice much appreciated thanks

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kellykettle Mon 27-May-13 11:19:35

I haven't had a baby sensory franchise but I have experience of something similar and I know lots of people with baby franchises.
The things I would say are hard are keeping your overheads down enough to make a profit. Room hire is competitive and expensive in profitable areas plus you have to earn enough to pay your franchise fee (assuming there is one with Baby Sensory).

You have to market your business and network constantly to keep bookings coming in. Advertising etc can cost a lot and you need to have a good social media presence these days. It seems that you need to be as good at all of that as you do at teaching the classes.

On the plus side, if you get a big enough venue you can make good money teaching a big room for an hour or so. It's a nice job, you can fit it around your children or other work. Mums of small children are really keen and enthusiastic about meeting other mums so you have a really willing customer - it's not usually the kind of franchise that requires a hard sellgrin

Most of the teachers of these things who I know have been doing it for 2-3 years and need to do other work to stay afloat. I can't think of many who are making much profit if at all though.

puffinnuffin Sun 02-Jun-13 23:14:03

I did a similar thing (but not Baby Sensory).

Do you need to rely on the income to survive? I loved being a franchisee for my group but it was an awful lot of hard work for not very much in return.

It very much depends on your area and how much competition there is from other groups too. Many areas can be saturated with lots of Pre-School classes. Do lots of research first.

Having said that I used to take DS to Baby Sensory and it was the highlight of our week- we both loved it!

slowcooker Tue 17-Sep-13 14:22:26

Hello Kellykettle, did you go for it? I was wondering cos I consider a toddler class franchise, not baby or toddler sensory though.

And muffin, may ask which one did you use to run. Message me if you don't want to say in public.

Thank you

Asma13 Mon 26-Nov-18 21:36:40

Hi everyone !

I have some questions regarding starting up your own baby sensory classes from home.

Do you need to have any training or requirements to start up your own classes ?

Do you HAVE to join a franchise ? Or can you just start up your own local business?

Thanks so much in advance !


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