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Does anyone know of office space to rent by the day, or hour, in central London?

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MyNewVenture Wed 23-Jan-13 22:53:46

I may need it week days or week-ends (may be ideal for someone with a small office who wants to make some money at the week-ends when it is empty).

I would just need desk, 2 chairs, power supply. A small office would be fine.

Many thanks.

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grants1000 Thu 24-Jan-13 14:18:40 - I use the Manchester one, brilliant

MyNewVenture Thu 24-Jan-13 15:35:47

Thank you so much - it is with no uk on the end for anyone else reading this thread. though all those beautiful pictures of cupcakes just make me want to eat

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 24-Jan-13 20:51:22

I looked into something similar as I found myself in London alot in between meetings.

I found that most office space was only for proper hire, so you needed to commit to months etc.

So I started to look at clubs like Bhive. I have been in a few times and every time it hasn't been busy, which is good as I was concerned about getting a space. It is decorated nicely, however it isn't that large and you can easily hear what the people on the next table talking about...

The cheapest club I'd consider was at £350 for the year + £150 joining fee. I am guessing there might be a deal to be done! A client used it and was happy with it.

The term seems to be 'co-working' so if you google that you'll see there are lots of places, depends where you want to be.

I didn't go for it in the end as I secured a big contract which required me to be in a client's office for a lot of the week for a period. I might return to it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

MyNewVenture Sat 26-Jan-13 17:23:30

Thanks MrsM

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SarahKCK Wed 30-Jan-13 15:03:55

Bhive is definitely a good option, I've looked around the covent garden offices to use for business meetings and they're splendid!

joshandjamie Wed 30-Jan-13 18:00:11

not central London, Wandsworth but has co-working/shared space and an on site creche

MyNewVenture Sat 02-Feb-13 18:08:34

Thanks JoshandJamie - small ones too big for creche now, but I should have started this earlier!

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MannishBoy Tue 26-Feb-13 11:32:06

Do you need to go to offices? Is it for meetings? If so, you could look into using something like Skype or Google Hangout for meetings. Otherwise, meet at your client's office, if possible?

containerville1 Tue 01-May-18 10:38:18


A little late to the party, but if you were still interested in small office space for rental in London, our company offers small container-style work spaces geared towards small companies and start-ups. Our leasing is offered on a flexible basis too so it's definitely worth getting in touch to see if we can arrange something.

Our website is if you were interested.


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