Face Painting at a church craft fair - do I need 'public liability'?

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FlubbaBubba Sun 16-Oct-11 09:30:28

Doing this in the next month. I'm not trained, I'm using 'snazaroo' paints and hadn't thought about this, but sister today said I needed to get public liability insurance. Is this necessary or can I do a 'at your own risk' type notice?

Really hope it's the latter...

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m0nkeynuts Sun 16-Oct-11 15:13:48

I've always been advised to have public liability for craft fairs - and I was only selling crafts, not painting faces smile Many fair organisers insist on all stallholders having their own insurance.

It's not usually that dear though - £80ish per year.

Actually, this is £69.47 a year - any good?

FlubbaBubba Sun 16-Oct-11 18:22:41

Thanks monkeynuts. I've emailed the organisers to see what they suggest. This is my first (and possibly only?) craft fair, so I don't really want an upfront cost on top of what I'm paying for the table, as the crafts/face paints I'm doing are at most a couple of quid, so would have to sell/paint a heck of a lot to make a profit (which is the aim!). Will wait and see what the organisers say (hoping they have one themselves?!).

Thanks though.

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Flubba Mon 17-Oct-11 16:56:14

They've come back to say their insurance wouldn't cover me. I'd have to paint over £40 faces to make it worth while sad

m0nkeynuts Tue 18-Oct-11 10:22:02

Ah, that's a shame sad Are there no other fair opportunities in your area within the year, to help make it worthwhile? Have you tried Stallfinder?

Flubba Tue 18-Oct-11 14:22:13

Yeah, I'm a bit sad by it but it's been a bit of an eye-opener in terms of my skill level as I've been on other facepainting websites to see what they suggest and have realised quite how poor my faces are, so confidence has been knocked a bit too. I'll keep practising on my poor unsuspecting kids and nieces children and maybe try again next year.

peachybums Wed 19-Oct-11 13:15:43

Yep I make and sell handmade soap at georgias soapbox and as its a product that you put on the skin you have to have insurance for craft fairs etc. One off insurance (if you are only doing it as a one off) is a total rip off if you are only doing something small. I run an entire business so obv i pay all year round and its still a rip off lol.

joehibberd Mon 08-Dec-14 09:55:40

Hi FlubbaBubba,

How did the fair go?

I hope it all went well for you. At similar events in the past we have used a professional company who have all the insurances covered. A good one for your reference is www.absolutelypaintedfaces.com/

Good luck at the next one.


InfinitySeven Mon 08-Dec-14 09:58:52

This is a thread from 2011.

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