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Hi there! Is there a place for sewing/ dressmaking people?

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smallgreyelephant Wed 22-May-19 12:00:44

Thank you folks. Looks like the stuff. X

bagpiss Wed 22-May-19 11:29:00

bagpiss Wed 22-May-19 11:27:50

Tubular Rib Cuffing, 2x2 Rib Knit seamless cuff & Fabric by the meter; Acrylic- Elastane mix. Great trim as cuff for sleeve bombers and jackets. Available in 12 colours including: Black, Navy, Cream, Olive, Pink, White, Purple, Brown and others. Matching 2cm Wide Knitted Strapping Ribbon Tape with Selvedge Edges also Available, Sold By The Meter.

daisychicken Wed 22-May-19 11:14:29

I find most of what I need online nowadays though some bricks and mortar haberdashery shops do sell ribbing and my local store does have a limited range:


smallgreyelephant Wed 22-May-19 10:40:42

I'm looking for ribbed cotton cuff material and can't find it in town. Like the cuffs of a bomber jacket.

bagpiss Wed 22-May-19 10:26:54

There is an 'arts and crafts' section if you search topics.

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Wed 22-May-19 10:24:43

What do you need to know?

smallgreyelephant Wed 22-May-19 10:22:41

(I was going to put sewers but something got lost in translation)

I need some fabric advice, am I in the right place? X

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