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Woolly Hugs. We are making a blanket for lovely AndNoneForGretchenWieners, her wonderful DH has died.

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KnottyAndPistey Sun 17-Mar-19 18:29:24

We bring very sad news, the wonderful Mumsnetter ‘AndNoneForGretchenWieners’ DH has devastatingly died from secondary brain cancer. So incredibly cruel for him and his family, we have no words really, just send them all so much love. Gretchen’s thread is here if you would like to leave your condolences.

We are so glad she accepted our offer of a Woolly Hug, there truly will be love in every stitch and we hope it will be a real tribute of a life filled with love.

We asked Gretchen about him…
He loved driving, and they went on picnics all the time. He loved Portsmouth and would regularly say on a Thursday or Friday "let's book a hotel and go to Pompey for the weekend".

She has wonderful memories too of them eating chips in the car at Southsea with blustery weather all around.

So if anyone can represent these happy memories of this part of the South Coast, that would be wonderful.

His football team wore sky blue and white, so again anything there would be great,

We would love the initial R please if anyone could do this for us.

The Colours. Thinking seaside so…
Blues from sky through to dark
Sea greens and teals
Duck egg
Cream - one of the following - Debbie Bliss Rialto DK 02 ecru, Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK WM4 cream, or Drops Merino 01 off white
Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK WM7 Taupe
Yellow - Drops merino extra fine DK no 24 ‘light yellow’
Silvery greys

The yarn we will be using
Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
Drops Merino Extra Fine DK
Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK
Katia Merino 100% DK
King Cole Luxury Merino DK
Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
Patons Merino Extrafine DK

Just from the brands listed please because we know they combine for wash and wear. If you still have any of our wools that have been discontinued - Artesano Superwash Merino DK, Rowan Cashsoft DK, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK or James C. Brett Pure Merino DK in your stash, please do use them.

Our listed yarns are all easily available online - Wool Warehouse, Wise Badger, Laughing Hens all v good and stock our brands.

Squares to be six inches please. Use 4mm needles or hook. Make sure all ends are very securely sewn in. No blocking please as it makes squares harder to join.

Simple or complex, made by beginner or experienced, we genuinely welcome them all. It really is the love and thought that counts.

When ready for posting, please PM for info. As always, we thank you so much for your support.

So sad that another blanket is needed, Gretchen, we are thinking of you and your wonderful DH, of all who love and miss him, and sending our love.

Thank you so much everyone

Pistey and Knots xxx

Iwantacampervan Sun 07-Apr-19 13:37:50

I am pleased that my squares arrived safely - I enjoyed designing and knitting these. flowers

Yiayoula Mon 08-Apr-19 15:58:41

VERY belated ( apologies ! ) thank you for the wool - am in forrin parts at the mo and only just rememembered to ask Number 1 son if it had arrived at home. Promise to knit with a vengeance as soon as we're back.

KnottyAndPistey Tue 09-Apr-19 09:32:17

Morning all brew

Last posting then, Monday 29th April, to Teddington please. If you'd like to include a card for Gretchen please do. Thank you all so much xxxx


MadisonAvenue Tue 09-Apr-19 16:01:14

I’ve completed my squares so will send them soon, many thanks to my wool donor - here are the squares that I made on behalf of you flowers

bookbook Wed 10-Apr-19 12:41:23

Madison - love these !

jetSTAR Thu 11-Apr-19 18:42:37

I have sent some squares today ❤️

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 11-Apr-19 19:29:08

I hope my squares have arrived!


KnottyAndPistey Fri 12-Apr-19 10:48:07

All here SDTG, sorry al a bit busy with the Easter hols, two ticks and I am back!

KnottyAndPistey Fri 12-Apr-19 10:58:56

Beautiful squares there Madison! Thank you so so much xxxxx

Beautiful woolly treasure has been arriving. Huge thanks to the lovely crafters for everything they do, just amazing

thanks SDTG Such beautiful knits in her trademark flower design, in teals, blues, cream, traditional grannies too, just perfect. star

thanks KB Gorgeous traditional grannies in a beautiful teal, cream too, and a gorgeous circle to square design, which we now begin to think of as her trademark square! Just beautiful. star

Thank you so much everyone thanks

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 12-Apr-19 11:00:02


MeetOnTheLedge Fri 12-Apr-19 16:08:24

Posted mine today. flowers

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 13-Apr-19 16:17:50

Mine is parcelled up and ready to post. Away for a few days, but should get it in the post on Thursday.

(A very wonky car and picnic basket) blush

KnottyAndPistey Sat 13-Apr-19 16:40:45

More woolly treasure has arrived safely, all absolutely lovely thanks

thanks PiggyPlumPie A beautiful basket weave knit in a soft blue. Gorgeous. star

thanks bookbook A beautifully knitted cream R on pale blue and a view from a windscreen of the sea, with gulls and chips! Wonderful. star

thanks Redbrook Two beautiful wavy knits in blue, so perfect. star

thanks jetSTAR In blues from dark to pastel, yellow and cream a twist on the traditional granny, so clever, do you have a link for these lovely? Beautiful. star

thanks MadisonAvenue Beautiful crochet designs, a bobble heart in cream, in blue and cream a3D flower and deeply textured squares too. Lovely star

Thank you so much everyone, truly beautiful treasure xxxx

BigApple11 Sat 13-Apr-19 17:59:01

These are in the post today xx

jetSTAR Sat 13-Apr-19 19:23:17

Glad you like the squares, I found a tutorial on YouTube 😉

Should be Jayda in stitches mitred granny square tutorial.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 17-Apr-19 11:26:10

Just gorgeous jetSTAR!

Beautiful woolly treasure has been arriving, absolutely gorgeous, huge thanks to all the crafters for what they do. Just awesome.

thanks BigApple11 As shown just up there, gorgeous crochet squares, beautiful designs and super textures, lovely! star

thanks MeetmeontheLedge The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth! On blue, it is perfect. star

Thank you so much both, absolutely fabulous squares. thanks

WitchDancer Wed 17-Apr-19 12:41:00

Another one done today. I'm getting there slowly ☺️

WitchDancer Wed 17-Apr-19 14:25:29

And another

Marcipex Wed 17-Apr-19 17:29:48

Mine have been posted xx

MrsJonesAndMe Thu 18-Apr-19 15:02:48

Been to the PO today with both blankets' squares in.

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Sun 21-Apr-19 16:34:58

Here are mine, ready to go flowers

WitchDancer Sun 21-Apr-19 17:32:10

Beautiful Raptor - I love the boat 😁

bookbook Sun 21-Apr-19 18:52:08

Gorgeous squares everyone !

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 22-Apr-19 18:39:32

I posted mine Thursday I think

KnottyAndPistey Wed 24-Apr-19 08:27:04

Morning all brew

KnottyAndPistey Wed 24-Apr-19 08:27:30

Beautiful treasure, thank you!

KnottyAndPistey Wed 24-Apr-19 08:31:19

We have some gorgeous squares arriving thanks

thanks Marcipex In a gorgeous teal and denim, beautiful sea waves and a depiction of Nelson's Flagship Victory which is so clever, pic of which is upthread, plus two C2C squares. All just wonderful, thank you. star

Thank you so much thanks

I'm not sure if everyone has seen, but Knotty and I are off this morn to Belarus along with the Bristol Chernobyl group, amongst other things we get to visit the school the children come from and meet last year's group again plus the children coming this year. We are also able to deliver Billie's Blankets to some very sick children in Minsk. We are back on Sunday, so not long and will try to check in here as best we can. Both our families are still at home so parcels will be put carefully to be ready for us. More squares may very well be here, got in from work yesterday to a silver sack which still needs sorting, sorry.

We are blogging and who knows even vlogging! Please do follow us.

Huge love to everyone thanks xxxx

WitchDancer Mon 29-Apr-19 12:55:14

My squares are in the post 😁

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 29-Apr-19 16:45:39

My squares are in the post.

PurpleFrog Mon 29-Apr-19 19:24:45

Mine went in the post today as well! halo

SpiralArchitect Tue 30-Apr-19 11:23:44

blush Only got to the PO this morning, sorry! But I'm only one day late this time....

KnottyAndPistey Wed 01-May-19 12:28:35


Finally catching up, wonderful treasure on here and also has been arriving, bear with and I'll be back!

KnottyAndPistey Wed 01-May-19 12:28:55

What's one day between friends?! gin

KnottyAndPistey Wed 01-May-19 13:31:58

Beautiful squares have been arriving, huge love and thanks to the crafters, all just marvellous..

thanks FiveGoMadinDorset Beautiful and super snuggly garter knits in denim blue. Gorgeous. star

thanks Sorry, can't see a name Nor upthread but they are gorgeous, two beautiful knits in teal, one with yellow detail, the other a super diamond design. Fabulous. star

thanks WhatsthatBrightLight Gorgeous knits, beautiful patterns in a super teal blue. Lovely star

thanks MrsJones These beauties are upthread, a fantastic car and picnic basket, an anchor, and two richly textured squares too, wonderful. star

thanks PurpleFrog Gorgeous crochet, pictured up thread, beautiful waves, willow square and gorgeous sunshine too, fabulous. star

thanks coffeandchocolateplease Absolutely wonderful knits, one in grey with an embroidered R, the other a crocheted car embellishment, really fabulous. star

thanks Raptor Very beautiful, waves and stripes in sea shades, plus a fabulous boat design too, really gorgeous. Pictured upthread. star

thanks SpiralArchitect Stunning crochet, a fabulous circle to square and solid granny both in beautiful sea shades, lovely, and there they are! ^^ star

thanks WitchdancerAbsolutely wonderful, traditional grannies, solid grannies, stripes, a willow all so beautifully crocheted in denim, teal, turquoise with cream, fabulous. star

Amazing work woollies, just fabulous, and thank you so much for the cards, we will pass them on, remember you can always include a card for the family with squares, and if you are a donor and would like to, just message for our address.

Thank you so much everyone thanks

MNP2019isUpAndRunning Wed 01-May-19 16:29:08

In the post today

MNP2019isUpAndRunning Wed 01-May-19 16:39:39

In the post today

Pteroyawn Fri 03-May-19 21:27:30

I have two squares going in the post for this blanket tomorrow. I hope I'm not too late

KnottyAndPistey Sat 04-May-19 10:13:38

Morning all! brew

Not too late at all no, beautiful treasure there MNP, thank you xx

We are away this Bank Holiday weekend, back late Monday so will be catching up with thanks on Tuesday, thank you so much everyone xxxx

Okki Sat 04-May-19 14:25:09

Oh good - glad not too late. I'll be posting mine off next week.

KnottyAndPistey Mon 13-May-19 17:06:17

Beautiful squares have arrived, many thanks to all lovely crafters, you are amazing. The thought, love and care makes them very precious indeed.

thanks SevenTillFour Beautiful knits, snuggly garter squares in blues and one in stripes, green and yellow. Super. star

thanks TheWoollyBacksWife A gorgeous R design knit on yellow and beautiful circle in crochet design in blue and yellow star

thanks Okki Gorgeous grannies and solid grannies in blues, yellow and cream, really super. star

thanks Pteroyawn Truly beautiful, on a sea of blue a wonderful sailing ship, it’s lovely, the other is the willow design on shades of blue. Gorgeous. star

thanks MNP These are just lovely, an embroidered square with an R in yellow in blue stripes, and a beautiful blue flower too. Gogroues,.star

thanks Ninja Beautiful heart designs in teal, yellow and cream, a gorgeous sunshine and sailing boat, an anchor square and a mixed colour granny too, very beautiful crochet. star

Huge thanks to everyone, this will be so beautiful xxx

bookbook Mon 13-May-19 21:58:02

Fabulous squares everyone !

KnottyAndPistey Tue 21-May-19 09:57:12

Morning on here brew

Three parcels have got stuck in the sorting office. Hoping to find no queue in there so I can grab them on my way to work. Thank you so much xxxx

KnottyAndPistey Thu 23-May-19 11:47:52

Lovely woolly treasure has arrived safely! Huge thanks thanks

thanks WhenDoISleep Such beautiful knits arriving, in blue and cream, gorgeous stripes, one horizontally, the other a mitred corner. Very beautiful. star

Thank you so much xxxx

KnottyAndPistey Fri 24-May-19 09:34:07

Beautiful treasure arriving safely for Gretchen. And it’s gorgeous. thanks

thanks AmaDablam A stunning wave design in teal, blue and yellow, plus a super circle to square pattern too. Just lovely. star

Thank you so much thanks

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Jun-19 08:18:08

Morning! brewbrew

MrsMozartMkII Fri 07-Jun-19 08:21:54

I'm late to this.

Does anyone need wool?

WitchDancer Fri 07-Jun-19 17:03:32

Last posting was the end of April MrsMozart if my memory serves me right 💕

MrsMozartMkII Fri 07-Jun-19 20:03:54

Thank you Witch.

I need to be more on the ball.

KnottyAndPistey Sat 14-Sep-19 17:43:36

Just starting construction. It’s going to be beautiful xxx

bookbook Sun 15-Sep-19 22:54:38

lovely - I will be looking forward to seeing this x

MadisonAvenue Mon 16-Sep-19 16:39:23

That's lovely news!

KnottyAndPistey Wed 09-Oct-19 14:03:53

Gretchen's blanket is ready for photographing, please all keep fingers crossed for good weather as I'm down in Southsea tomorrow so hoping for some pics to go with the theme of the blanket smile

It is absolutely stunning, thank you everyone. thanks

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sun 10-Nov-19 20:44:25

Hello all, I just wanted to drop by to thank you all so much for my beautiful woolly hug. I am blown away by the detail that had gone into it, I love the chips and waves, the dolphin, the fabulous detail on the galleon. The colours are perfect too! I can't explain how completely humbled I am to think that kind and lovely knitters around the country have collaborated to make such a personal gift for me.

A massive thanks to everyone xxx

KnottyAndPistey Mon 11-Nov-19 13:26:18

So so glad it is with you my lovely, thoughts very much with you, it was made and sent with so much love xxxx

KnottyAndPistey Mon 11-Nov-19 17:19:06

Now that lovely Gretchen has her blanket we are delighted to be sharing the photos.

We were so glad we could get a photo of it with the Spinnaker Tower down in Portsmouth as this was such a significant place for them and featured many times in the blanket. thanks

Was a VERY windy day so we were glad to take just even a couple!

Thank you so much everyone again xxxx

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 11-Nov-19 17:41:59

Oh it's absolutely beautiful!

So pleased it brings you some comfort Gretchen

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 11-Nov-19 17:51:24

I love that photo! Thank you for taking the time to do that, it is such a kind thought x

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 11-Nov-19 18:21:22

Gorgeous blanket, great job taking such a beautiful photo.

Huge hugs & lots of love to Gretchen and fam x

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 11-Nov-19 19:46:44

@ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba how lovely to 'see' you - it's been ages!

<reports Zing for old times' sake grin>

MadisonAvenue Mon 11-Nov-19 20:03:33

It really is beautiful, I'm so pleased that it's giving you some comfort Gretchen.
Sending lots of love your way x

MrsJonesAndMe Mon 11-Nov-19 20:16:42

Oh it's lovely. (((hugs))) @AndNoneForGretchenWieners flowers

bookbook Tue 12-Nov-19 12:56:02

It is lovely , and I am really glad it is bringing you comfort flowers

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Fri 15-Nov-19 11:36:04

<snogs Bore and reports her too>

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 15-Nov-19 13:24:15


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