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WH meet up thread

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MrsJonesAndMe Thu 06-Sep-18 19:21:05

Here we go!

Nervous and excited. What should I bring? apart from gin

Iwantacampervan Thu 06-Sep-18 22:13:07

I'm looking forward to it but have some very busy weekends before then (including taking eldest to university for the first time!)

TwitterQueen1 Thu 06-Sep-18 22:24:09

Yoohoo! knock knock, it's only me, TQ.....

I started crocheting only a year ago, after I received my very own woolly hug (stage 4 ovarian cancer). I find it immensely soothing to be able to do something useful during my enforced inactivity. I'm enjoying learning new patterns and trying to be neater!

Point of etiquette.. do we reveal our MN usernames at the event or stick to real ones? I'm assuming there will be non-MNers there?

Fellow oldies - what was that programme decades ago when ladies (definitely ladies then, not women) rang the doorbell and had a coffee morning. Was it just called 'Coffee Morning'?

TwitterQueen1 Thu 06-Sep-18 22:25:07

Which uni Campervan? I can cover Notts, Birminham and Exeter if you have any questions.

bookbook Thu 06-Sep-18 22:30:31

I think I will need a shopping trolley shock - I am bringing along stuff , and crafting tools , and , and , and ....possibly the blankets I have constructed over summer . mmm - maybe a pantechnicon may be more appropriate!

Iwantacampervan Fri 07-Sep-18 07:10:54

TwitterQueen1 Oxford Brookes which isn't too far from us (1.5 hours by car) but it's still a big step. We've been to IKEA and now need to do a food shop!
Knitting squares will be my distraction during the next week or two.

MrsJonesAndMe Fri 07-Sep-18 07:15:05

TQ your stuff is amazing for being that new to it all!

I like your style book

Eek, campervan that sounds busy.

Maybe K&P can give us an idea about how they envision things going.

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 07:20:48


KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 07:23:34

Setting up an event page on fb today and will transfer all info here.

All you need to bring are yourselves and anything you’d like to drop off with us. Plus your trusty hook and needles (4mm)

There is a bar gin

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 07:24:05

Oxford Brooke’s - does she Row?!

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 07:24:58

You can use whatever name you like 💪

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 07:26:26

Knotty and I once went to a mn meet up at Christmas and I went as Justine Roberts. Only after did I find out people thought she was actually there grin

Iwantacampervan Fri 07-Sep-18 07:28:08

No rowing but may get into it - the team's very good I understand. there's talk of joining a gym and swimming plus other societies - apparently there'll be lectures/study too!

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 08:25:31

Other things than sport you say?

Someone tell my DD!

MeetOnTheLedge Fri 07-Sep-18 08:28:43

I'll be there. I've been pondering real life vs MN names too.

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:22:16

Do whatever you feel most comfortable with, honestly its all good

or you could be

First name (so still actually anonymous)
then MN nickname underneath

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:22:47

The group is ready if you are on FB
But this is the latest info...

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:23:00

More info about our event!

We are both looking forward to this event enormously, and it's not far away now! It will be wonderful to meet and chat to everyone, and in our woolly world there's no such thing as strangers, just friends you haven't met yet!

During our Hugathon, we will be making 6 and 12 inch squares and joining blankets for our Snug, Candy’s and Kinship (classic palette) projects. We will have stations/tables set up and will provide SSDK and equipment for the session, but obviously if you'd like to bring your own please do.

Do come armed with your 4mm hook/needles!

If you'd to make and bring squares for these particular projects to start us off, then that would be fabulous, we will be bringing squares we already have to help.

We will have yarn and gorgeous bits and pieces for sale from the very lovely Oddballs and Seeded, and if they arrive in time, fingers crossed, our latest Woolly Hugs mug design will make a preview and be on sale too. We have a Woolly Hugs stylee lucky dip at a £1 a go as well. All in, you may want to bring cash/cards!

Your ticket price includes a Woolly Hug bag and 'special gift' we hope you will love both things, but they are a SURPRISE!

It will be more friendly if folk have name badges and we will be bringing sticky labels, but if you'd like to make your own name badge in advance, something possibly with neon flashing lights and glitter <arf> then please fill your boots! Use whatever name you like, real name, your nickname, whatevs, all good.

We will be happy to collect any woolly treasure you have to save you postage, so squares for latest blankets, items for ongoing projects. Just please bag and label, we will have a collection point in the room. Also we are about to start collecting the old £1 coins, so dig out any that may be loitering for our jar. We can still pay them in!

The Square Tower will be running their cafe for us, and our experience is that it is wonderful on the cake and coffee front, but obviously do bring a sarnie if you'd like. They do have gin obvs!

Um, what else??!!

We'd love to take pics on the day and share on here, but will do so without adding manes, if this is a problem for you let us know at the time.

Travel info is here on the original post

There may well be more things we think of!

Please any questions do post below.....


KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:23:42

There are 4 more tickets left if anyone else finds they can come, we'd love to have you!

TheWoollybacksWife Fri 07-Sep-18 09:31:23

sad it all sounds marvellous and I'm really sorry I can't come. I had a vague suspicion when I bought my ticket that I'd double booked myself.

Will there be Hugathon2?

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:33:45

If this goes ok, then deffo Woolly!

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:34:01

We will send you your bag and Thing

KnottyAndPistey Fri 07-Sep-18 09:34:29

Just an addition, no need to print off tickets as we have a List


MrsJonesAndMe Fri 07-Sep-18 14:19:15

So excited!

Thanks for all the info

SoupDragon Fri 07-Sep-18 14:30:38

but will do so without adding manes


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