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Thank you X

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WatcherOfTheNight Sat 23-Jun-18 08:52:42

My gorgeous Woolly Hug arrived yesterday morning !
I Sat with it over me on the bed yesterday evening & kept finding more little details I'd not noticed.
I'm almost scared to touch it it's so beautiful!

My niece will be here today & I know she will feel the same.
I had another delivery a few weeks ago from one of daughters friends with 2 Ashlee Angel bears made out her clothes ,they are also gorgeous. I gave one to my niece & one to my son but he's not quite ready for it yet so it's comforting me.

I know I will need the blanket tonight as I'm off to see Ed Sheeran ,my daughter bought tickets before she died & because he meant a lot to her I have decided I will still go.
He is singing some of the songs played at her funeral & I know it is going to be a difficult evening but I will come home & wrap myself up in my Woolly Hug 💜

I have tried to post a video as it won't all fit in pic but the app won't let me so I'll try again later .
Love to all of you ,especially those who played any part in this beautiful gift X

WatcherOfTheNight Sat 23-Jun-18 09:10:22

Almost forgot,thank you also for the cards & Tgank you @Knotty&Pistey ,for all your work giving families like mine such beautiful memories xxx

MadisonAvenue Sat 23-Jun-18 22:18:30

flowers Oh Watcher I hope it brings you so much comfort, I also hope that you enjoy the concert as much as is possible but I can well imagine how difficult it will be for you.

Sending you much love xx

MrsJonesAndMe Sun 24-Jun-18 07:17:02

I wasn't involved in your blanket, but it's wonderful to hear how much they mean to people.

(((hugs))) for you and good luck for the concert - will you take someone with you for support?

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