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How do you count Tunisian crochet stitches?

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Beyondtheshore Thu 22-Mar-18 17:57:05

I’m following a crochet pattern with the following instructions:

Slip knot and 11 chain.
Row 1: 10TS
Row 2: incTS, 8TS, incTS (12 sts)

What am I actually counting to get to 12 stitches? Is it the loops over the hook? In which case I keep ending up with 11. Or is it the vertical bars, in which case do I count the one nearest the hook? Either way I never seem to end up with the right number, but fairly sure I’m crocheting correctly, so thinking it must be my counting that’s off.

Can anyone help?? I’m befuddled.

iffyjiffybag Thu 12-Apr-18 18:16:18

On the second (return) row you increase from 10 sts by two stitches so your stitch count should be 12sts. Count each individual stitch by the closed loop which you just made at the top of the stitch. If you are still confused have a look at workshops on YouTube, there should be plenty there to show you what to look for. HTH.

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