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Dented bamboo knitting needles

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TidyLike Mon 27-Nov-17 10:49:37

I just bought a set of interchangeable bamboo circular needles (by Addi). I've only had them since Saturday, and I notice they're already getting dented, presumably just from rubbing against each other. I'm not a particularly tight knitter. I just googled this problem and it seems like some knitters constantly experience it whereas others never do ... can anyone here shed any light? Has anyone found good ways to avoid it? These needles weren't cheap 😕

Stitchit Mon 27-Nov-17 16:00:37

Bamboo is very soft. I have a couple of crochet hooks made with bamboo. I don't really use them day to day because I find most yarns stick to them, I would only use for a very silky yarn for a bit of grip.

How are they stored? Could they be knocking each other at all whilst you aren't using them? In a roll they are probably knocking together even if they are in separate compartments. Are you storing them next to any other objects that might damage them, such as scissors, stitch markers?

If you "click click" when you knit usually it's quite likely you are doing the same with these but it's probably far less audible.

I've had a Google, as one does, and two tips come up:

Use a fine emery board to smooth any severe notches down, and provide some moisture once or twice a year with an oil. Nothing really for short term damage, which is why I wonder about the storage, especially considering you don't seem worried about tension being the culprit...

TidyLike Mon 27-Nov-17 21:37:26

Thanks Stitchit ... the needles were brand new on Saturday and before I started using them were stored in a special case, as part of an interchangeable circular needles set, so the problem must have arisen from a day and a half of use sad I really like them otherwise - I like the feel of the bamboo. The dents aren't huge, but still ...

Stitchit Mon 27-Nov-17 22:36:17

Gutting though. I've got some fairly expensive hooks and I'd be devastated.

Have you tried harder wood ones? They'll still be warm with a similar feel to knit with, but less likely to damage so quickly?

You could contact your seller and see if an exchange is a possibility? Unless you are squeezing weeks of knitting into a day or so the damage sustained you could argue against reasonable wear and tear maybe?

Either that or treat yourself to an extra set to keep pristine - I would grin

I think I saw a thread somewhere about that mentions wooden needle damage... hang on...

Stitchit Mon 27-Nov-17 22:39:57

Ok, I'm back.

Hoping it goes clicky! See third post I think, HardasSnails. Seems poster has noted similar with Knitpro Symfonie DPNs, might be worth a PM for their thoughts.

TidyLike Mon 27-Nov-17 23:45:20

Thank you, this is really helpful! I've contacted the seller and explained the situation. The needle set was not really cheap, and was a real treat to myself so I'm keen to get it sorted. If it was just a single set of needles I could overlook it!

Stitchit Fri 01-Dec-17 13:39:09

Hi Tidy. Just wanted to pop back and see if you've had any luck with the seller?

TidyLike Sun 31-Dec-17 19:56:59

Sorry, I've only just seen your post, Stitchit! The seller did offer a refund or exchange but in the end I decided to keep them. The damage didn't really get worse as I used them more, and the other needle sizes in the set don't seem to suffer the same problem (though I haven't used them as much). I do like the needles and am using them currently for a project so would have been a hassle to return the whole set. I figured that at worst I can just replace the 5.5mm ...

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