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Woolly Hugs. Supporting refugees, lovely crafters and donors, fabulous Mumsnetters we need your help.

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KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 14:24:34

As for so many others, we have been moved to tears by the heartbreaking plight of refugees, both in Europe and further afield, and the inhumanity which seems to surround them too often. We have donated, signed petitions on and written to our MPs, and understand the feeling of shouting in the wind, we desperately want to do more.

There is something practical we can do together, and it really will help, but fabulous Mumsnetters, we are going to need your support.

We can get woolly warmth to families in refugee camps in Kurdistan, thanks to the amazing charity Knit for Peace. There are 1.8 million refugees trapped there, most have fled civil wars and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Winter is coming, it will be even more desperate and absolutely freezing. We are also developing links to get resources to children and families elsewhere, and on their arrival in the UK. We just want to help keep folk warm. We know we can’t help everyone, but we can some.

We really need your help, here’s how…

* We need 12 inch, or six inch squares. Knit or crochet both equally welcome.
* Yarn to be used - any good quality acrylic DK, for example Stylecraft special DK
* Any colour, any style, it is all good.
* Squares equally welcome if made by beginner or expert. Truly.
* No one think their's wouldn’t be good enough. They will be.
* We'd love to receive whole blankets, but absolutely understand time constraints.
* We’d also love to receive hats and gloves/mittens for any age, baby sized through to adult, the same for jumpers. But appreciate that is a very big ask.
* If you’d like to donate yarn or funds, let us know - we’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you, we need you too. This will be a real team effort
* If anyone would like to join in crafting but can’t afford to, please PM us, we can help.

One square, one blanket, a pair of gloves, one warm hat, one step at a time, really every little thing will help. Together we can make a difference.


Sadly we cannot accept items other than home made woolly ones at the moment, if this changes we will come back.

If anyone arrives in this thread and holds similar views to Cameron, no need to post, just move along. This is a positive, humanitarian thread taking positive, humanitarian action.

Do join us on our Facebook page Woolly Hugs and Twitter @Woolly_Hugs - both good ways to keep in touch.

If you'd rather email us than PM we are

Thank you doesn’t come close, bless you. thanks

KnottyLocks Sat 05-Sep-15 14:25:33

Cracking on smile

NorksAreMessy Sat 05-Sep-15 14:30:01

BUMP for you my woolly witches x

honeysucklejasmine Sat 05-Sep-15 14:30:07

Do you have a time limit? I'm on another project ATM for a September birthday present, but would love to help with this.

I helped with the wooly hugs for Chernobyl. Will it be OK to use the wool I was sent with that? Have misplaced the card wrapper, but pretty sure it will be the same stuff.

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 14:31:07

Last posting to be October 31st, but obviously we'd love to receive things as we go along, as we are aware it is already getting colder.

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 14:31:36

The Chernobyl wool is PERFECT, thank you thanks

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 14:39:20

Thanks lovely Norks thanks x

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 14:59:31


KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 15:08:35

We hadn't said - it will be 4mm needles - thank you. xxxx

PolterGoose Sat 05-Sep-15 15:13:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhispersOfWickedness Sat 05-Sep-15 15:24:57

I've not been involved with Woolly Hugs before, but have wanted to start for a long time, so I hope it's ok if I get involved now smile
I am a semi-beginner so think I can manage a few knitted squares smile I have already got some suitable yarn. Can someone let me know where I should send my squares?

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 16:08:12

Welcome ,

If you PM us for the posting address once you are finished, we'll let you know. Thanks.

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 16:30:15

Thanks polter. You star

Could we just add scarves and snoods to the list thank you so much. X

slithytove Sat 05-Sep-15 16:36:28

I can knit squares if someone can send me suitable wool.

Will go and figure out where my needles are and check wool supplies in the meantime

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 16:40:42

Slithy That's just fabulous, could you Pm or email us your address and we will get it sent. Thank you thanks

Lollypop27 Sat 05-Sep-15 16:41:03

I have about 15 6inch squares that I've been making with left over wool. Would you like me to make them into a child's blanket or would it be better to send them to you to make in to a larger blanket? I also have a baby blanket I have finished that you are more than welcome to.

Lollypop27 Sat 05-Sep-15 16:41:55

Slithy where are you if your near me I could give you some wool.

MrsEvadneCake Sat 05-Sep-15 16:46:09


slithytove Sat 05-Sep-15 17:02:48

Will do

How many stitches is 6 inches?

slithytove Sat 05-Sep-15 17:03:08

North west lolly

SwedishEdith Sat 05-Sep-15 17:07:55

I'm in.

I presume I just double the stitches and rows for a 12" square? If I managed to do a whole blanket, are there minimum dimension for that?

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 17:33:18

Slithy, we recommend casting on 33 for those with average tension.

Edith, yep just double the above.
We're aiming for a minimum of 36"x48" for whole blankets.

Thank you both.

KnottyAndPistey Sat 05-Sep-15 17:44:14


We'd love the baby blanket, yes please.

Re the squares, that's just fabulous, what would you like to do? We are so happy either way, bless you, thank you. xxxx

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 05-Sep-15 17:44:47

Where do we post to?

WhispersOfWickedness Sat 05-Sep-15 17:46:19

Thank you, I will smile

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