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Woolly knockers for Portsmouth!

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KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 16:14:32

This is a project to help the Breastfeeding Advisory team at Portsmouth Hospitals’ NHS Trust who are on the hunt for more of these valuable props to enhance their support sessions. With so many babies born every year, they really do get a lot of use!

Breastfeeding is not always easy, and the woolly knockers are fabulous to help with latching, feeding, positioning and expressing demonstrations, and are such a useful tool for both new mums and staff.

Some of you will remember we ran a similar, very successful project for the Brompton a few years ago, this photo is from back then. All the money in the world cannot buy this product so it’s a labour of love for the team. Thank you thanks

“It doesn’t matter about the colour, shape or size, we are really thankful to everyone who knits and makes donations to us, and we would be very grateful to receive any more- the more the better!” Portsmouth

We’d love to be able to help them, will you join us? thanks thanks

The Knitting pattern given by Portsmouth is here, on the Breastfeeding Network…
But it is very similar to the pattern courtesy of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain we used before. That can still be found on our website if you prefer.

A suggested crochet pattern is here….

We're suggesting any DK wool that can be machine washed, and do have some of our Stylecraft winnings set aside for this, if you need it, please PM us, or email if you prefer ( and we'll get some sent to you.

If you are able to stuff them, please do, but we will also love to receive them flat, cheaper for you to post too, and stuff this end, if this option, please leave a long tail for finishing off.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, we really aren’t making a standard knocker here, differences are good!

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once your knocker is finished, please contact us we will give you all the details for posting.

Last posting is to be October 31st.

We could do with more than a handful. grin

As ever, many thanks.
Bless you... and your knockers. biscuitbiscuit


KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 16:17:55


PippaPug Tue 01-Sep-15 16:19:02

I can't knit to save my life but I will bump this for you!

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 16:25:25

Thank you!!!

biscuit biscuit

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 01-Sep-15 16:34:12

Count me in ladies. Do you mind unusual colour combinations? I have lots of Stylecraft but I think a turquoise nipple may be on the cards grin

AsTimeGoesBy Tue 01-Sep-15 16:41:44

I'll try, Portsmouth Hospitals have done a great deal for my family in the last couple of years and it would be nice to pay it back a little smile

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 16:42:51

All colours are welcome smile

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 17:01:41

As indeed are stripes grin

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 17:02:10

Thank you AsTimeGoesBy


KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 17:02:53

A turquoise nipple sound PERFECT. Smashing norks there Woolly!

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 17:19:32


TheWoollybacksWife Tue 01-Sep-15 17:20:33

It has been said <preens> grin

KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 18:00:50


KnottyAndPistey Tue 01-Sep-15 18:31:32

Delicate bump.

PolterGoose Tue 01-Sep-15 19:16:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 10:09:27

Oh Polter you are fabulous - THANK YOU! thanks


KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 10:11:21


Our fabulous crafters are already busy making woolly knockers. Brillo!!

All welcome to join us. Any colours go!

Last posting is October 31st, if anyone needs yarn, do shout, all crafting info is here.

As always, THANK YOU! thanks

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 10:11:41

and yayyyyyy.....

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 10:12:04

Love them! thanks

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 11:17:09


Allalonenow Wed 02-Sep-15 12:55:21

( . ) ( . )

( . ) ( . )

( . ) ( . )

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 13:33:40


NorksAreMessy Wed 02-Sep-15 13:37:52

As spokesNork I heartily endorse this project. smile smile

As a non-witch, I cannot knot or knit, but am happy to help in any way you might need me. I am yours to command.

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 17:11:42

Could you come and do my ironing?

KnottyAndPistey Wed 02-Sep-15 17:11:55


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