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Woolly Hugs: Blankets for the Children of Chernobyl. Squares needed!

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KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:01:36

As we did last year, we would love to make Little Hugs for a group of teenagers coming over to Leeds for a recuperative holiday in the summer with the fabulous charity the Chernobyl Children's Project.

Each year these marvellous folk bring children over from Belarus, who live in the most contaminated area near the Chernobyl reactor. In summer, when the dust causes radiation levels to rise, it becomes even more important for as many children as possible to leave their contaminated homeland for a few weeks of fresh air and clean food. The rates of childhood cancer are at 75%; the most common cancers being thyroid and leukaemia. Coming to the UK for a four week break increases their immunity against the awful disease by up to 3 years when they return home.

This year the group in Leeds (organised by an amazing MNer) are bringing twelve children who have had cancer and are now in remission. Sadly though there is a high chance of these children falling ill again. This summer there are four boys and eight girls coming, aged between 11 and 14. They all suffer living in such difficult conditions and with very little. How perfect it would be to make them each a Little Hug.

Here's how to help with this project.....

We would like 12" squares in bright and cheery Stylecraft Special DK colours.
PLEASE AVOID bright green, bright pink, browns, greys, citron, sunshine, fiesta and jaffa. This will help squares fit together more easily. Make for a boy, girl or in a non-specific colour theme. We will be happy to accept 6" squares if making a 12" one feels too much.

*Crochet or knitted, 4mm hook or needles. No blocking and please sew in pesky ends.

*If needed, we can supply yarn. Let us know if we can send to you.

* Our last posting is Saturday 23rd May, so we have a chance of getting the blankets ready to go to the children on their arrival in the UK.

* If anyone would like to donate funds to support this, we would be so grateful.
Our paypal is . Cheques and cash are very welcome too, just PM for the address.

We know together we can do this – last year was an astonishing team effort.
On behalf of these children, a huge THANK YOU.

Pistey and Knotty X

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:08:09

Aiming for blankets that measure at least 48" squared, or bigger

fanjodisfunction Thu 16-Apr-15 14:09:27

Happy to help as always to make squares and put the blanket together afterwards.

Could I request some wool for this pistey?

Send me what ever colours you like.

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:14:00

Can do, Fan. Can you PM us? Thanks.

fanjodisfunction Thu 16-Apr-15 14:17:33

Will do

Grockle Thu 16-Apr-15 14:25:27

What? No jaffa? <cries>

I'm in. I shall save my jaffa for something else!

ilove Thu 16-Apr-15 14:27:31


HoggyTruffle Thu 16-Apr-15 14:27:33

I can make squares and am happy to join a blanket up. The blankets looked fantastic last year and I'm sure they are well loved.

rubycon Thu 16-Apr-15 14:52:59


KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:53:32

OOO, thanks Hoggy. You are on the list smile

Can you PM us so we can keep track? thanks

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:54:01

Cheers, Ruby smile

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 14:54:54

We're out for a while now but please ask any questions and we'll get to you asap.


SoMauve Thu 16-Apr-15 15:11:43

Happy to join in with this smile

Iamaslummymummy Thu 16-Apr-15 15:28:06

I'll do this. Will pm

pocopearl Thu 16-Apr-15 15:51:56

I would love to help, is there any possibility someone could provide me with wool to help?

MrsDeVere Thu 16-Apr-15 15:56:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 15:56:49

Thank you so much everyone thanks

poco - if you PM us, we'd love to help, let us know if you are going to knit or crochet, as we have plenty of part balls to use!

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 15:58:47

<mutter mutter>

Loadsa pinks still in the mix!!!!!

Pale rose

SoupDragon Thu 16-Apr-15 16:01:25

Happy to make a square and put together a blanket again smile

I have every single shade of Stylecraft... blush

KnottyAndPistey Thu 16-Apr-15 16:03:41

And we love you for it Soupy, thank you, and for the offer, you are so Going On The List [hearts] star thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 16-Apr-15 16:14:05

Marking my place. wine

Mhw02 Thu 16-Apr-15 16:15:24

Will definitely make some squares. Also happy to put a blanket together if you still need anyone.

So pleased we're doing this again!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 16-Apr-15 16:23:17

So are we lovely Mhw - and thank you for you brilliant offer - adding you to our list! star


happy to join in again smile I have plenty of stylecraft

aiming for [hearts] now? grin star

MrsEvadneCake Thu 16-Apr-15 16:36:45

I'd like to if you don't mind? I'm only just starting knitting again and can do squares!!

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