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Will there be another craft sale in 2015?

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GameOfScones Sun 04-Jan-15 08:57:31

I was ill, delayed and disorganised for the Christmas Craft Sale and didn't get anything made to donate.

So I am hoping to put a few things together in advance for the next one, if there is one.

Just wondering if it will be best to start some Spring/Easter themed things or make something more general.

And I'm not at all dropping a big hint that I want there to a craft sale soon. Oh no, definitely not doing that wink

KnottyAndPistey Mon 05-Jan-15 15:41:00

Hello there smile

Hope you are better now?

We are certainly thinking of an Easter sale, but hadn't got any further than early thinking grin

Thank you, hopefully back with more info at some point.

<thinks on>


GameOfScones Mon 05-Jan-15 16:33:47

Thank you smile

I went shopping today for 'Easter felt', just in case, and I've been pinning like mad for inspiration.

Now I have a good excuse to get started smile

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