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I don't knw how wooly hugs work, but my niece has been born sleeping, and I would love to show my brother and sister in law some love.

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Caff2 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:40:38

My niece, Harriet, was born on Sunday night by emergency section. She has suffered catastrpohic brain damage and although has been on life support at St George's hospital, sadly she is not going to win this fight and my and my sister in law's parents have travelled down tonight to be with my brother and sister in law.

I wonder if a woolly hug could be arranged?

Thank you,


Caff2 Tue 05-Aug-14 21:41:50

I'm sorry for all the typos.

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Wed 06-Aug-14 20:54:28

So sorry for your loss. I will PM Pistey to make sure she sees this. flowers

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Fri 08-Aug-14 22:11:15

Knotty has dodgy wifi where she is but will look as soon as she can xxx

Caff2 Sun 10-Aug-14 22:57:21

Thankyou xx

Caff2 Tue 06-Jan-15 00:32:54

Well. I guess no one ever did look at this, and my brother and sister in law were not deemed worthy recipients of a "woolly hug". Might have been nice if someone had contacted me to say that they were too busy or it wasn't the right cause or whatever.

Malabrig0 Tue 06-Jan-15 00:38:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

53Dragon Tue 06-Jan-15 00:41:57

I don't even know what a woolly hug is but I'm so sorry for your family's loss and that you have been hurt further by this xx

Anotherdayanotherdollar Tue 06-Jan-15 00:50:05

I also don't know what a wooly hug is,but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss. I have that this year brings peace, hope and strength to your family.

53Dragon Tue 06-Jan-15 08:28:27

Bumping this morning so that someone can pass on the message to those who know what to do

Elllimam Tue 06-Jan-15 08:30:44

I'm also not sure what a woolly hug is but this just came up on active and I'm so sorry for your loss xx

Roonerspism Tue 06-Jan-15 08:33:12

I also don't know what a wooly hug is.

I am so sorry though. I hope the parents have found some peace flowers

Cornonthecob Tue 06-Jan-15 08:38:21

I don't know what a wooly hug is too but I am sorry for your family's loss incredibly sad.

wreckingball Tue 06-Jan-15 08:56:30

Very sorry you lost your niece and hope your family are ok.

I don't actually know how woolly hugs works but I imagine it's all voluntary, time and relying on donated wool.
I don't think you just get to put an order in.

SandyVagina Tue 06-Jan-15 09:34:30

This is sad. Sorry to hear about your niece.

Woolly hugs are usually arranged for MN members/their families during times of bereavement.

I do think people usually "nominate" members for a WH, rather than asking for one - I think this is probably because it could become very difficult to manage the many, many requests that would flood in - and as the hugs are made from donated wool and donated time, this could become insupportable.

I'm very sorry for the loss of your little niece though. flowers

Sandy is right - people nominate someone for a Woolly Hug, and they are, as far as I am aware, only given to a MNer who has lost a spouse or partner or a child, or to the MNer's family if it is the MNer who has passed on.

Here is a link to the Woolly Hugs site, which explains how the project works, and shows examples of what we have done.

Caff - I am truly sorry that this has caused you more hurt during such a painful time.

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