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rosiedays Sat 29-Mar-14 18:53:00

Not sure if this is the best place to post but here goes. ...
My dm recently gave me a very long blanket of crochet squares that were crocheted by my grandmother as part of her rehabilitation following a stroke in the early 70s. She died soon after but I have very strong memory of her and her carer making it. My job was to hold the wool ball smile (I was about 4)
It's beautiful but not really usable as it is as it's too long and a bit scratchy. I'm not crafty and wouldn't think of trying to do anything with it as i would for sure spoil it.
I would love someone to make it smaller and add a soft back so I could use it for my 8 month old dd.
I would be very happy to make a donation and gift the left over squares. I hate to think of it just sitting in a draw for another 40 years! My dgm was an amazing lady.
If this is not the right place for this please let me know and I'll have it deleted.

RiaOverTheRainbow Sun 30-Mar-14 09:03:34

That's a lovely idea smile You might want to post this in Arts and Crafts as well for traffic.

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