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Woolly Hugs: The Babettes, Billie's Blankets and Little Hugs.

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KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:06:55

This is a continuation of our Little Hug and Billie's Blanket projects.

Little Hugs will continue to go to babies and children who are seriously ill in Yorkhill hospital and Billie's blankets will be sent in Billie's name, via the wonderful charity World Child Cancer, to children undergoing treatment for cancer in low and middle income countries.

Our aim with the Babettes is to make some bigger blankets for older children, both for Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets.
We will still make blankets of other sizes too.


The idea is to make a 12 x 12 inch panel, either crochet or knit, that can be added to others to create bigger blankets.
The panel can be made as one piece, or as a combination of squares, stripes or patterned. For example, a large granny square, or 4 six inch squares together, or a panel of stripes.
The design is up to you as long as it isn't too holey and will be fine stitched or hooked to others.
If you choose to use separate squares as part of your design, can we ask that they be either stitched together, hooked as you go, or hooked together with the seam on the back.

Yarn for Babettes: Stylecraft Special DK only, so we know that the blankets will wash and wear well and, unless your tension is very tight, use 4mm hooks or needles.

Colours: your choice although for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.
Some colour combinations that would work: blues/greens, purples/pinks, spring colours, primary brights, rainbow shades.

If you Google 'Babette blankets', you'll get an idea of what we have in mind once the panels are combined.


FOR WHOLE BLANKETS - Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets:

Minimum size: 18 x 18 inches for Little Hugs; 24 inches by 24 inches for Billie's Blankets.
If you would like to make a blanket that is bigger, that would be lovely.
The children we send Billie's Blankets to are aged 0 to 14 and Yorkhill treat children of a similar age so we will need bigger blankets too hence our Babettes.

Colours: Your choice.
Although again for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.

Things to avoid:
Any embellishments that could scratch delicate skin or could be swallowed.

Suggested yarn for Billies Blankets: Stylecraft Special DK, a soft, non-scratchy acrylic yarn.
If you would like to make a whole blanket, you could use a different weight and make of acrylic yarn. The essential thing is that it needs to be soft against sensitive and delicate skin and that it can be washed and dried quickly and easily.
For Little Hugs: As above, plus any of our usual Woolly Hugs woolly wool or yarn that is soft and can be machine washed.

We would also love fleece backed quilts, or edged fleece blankets if you prefer sewing.

As always, we also welcome any 6 inch squares made using the Stylecraft Special DK or any of the usual Woolly Hugs blanket wools.

If you would like to take part in this project but feel you can't due to the costs involved, please PM Pistey and we'll try to help with materials.

As ever, thanks for your support. thanks thanks

Knotty and Pistey

Facebook ? MNWoollyHugs
Twitter - @MNWoollyHugs

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 01-Nov-13 14:54:09

World Child Cancer Operations Manager Liz Burns flew to Ghana this week to visit their project at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. She took our collection of Billie's Blankets for the children, we have just shared a photo on our Facebook ( MNWoollyHugs )

From WCC

Thank you to the wonderful ladies at Woolly Hugs for making these Billie's Blankets for the children in Ghana suffering from cancer. The patients and parents were very happy to receive these beautiful blankets.

thanks thanks thanks Huge thanks to all crafters and donors for what they do. Thinking of all the children who receive the blankets and their families. Thinking of beautiful Billie too Xx

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 07-Nov-13 09:59:14

Morning brew smile

Am being asked about the next deadline for posting Billie's blankets - just to confirm tis Friday 22nd November They will be going to children in Bangladesh.

Thank you so much


RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 07-Nov-13 13:14:31

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

So adorable, a rainbow coloured knitted Little Hug from the very lovely MOSAgain for a baby in Yorkhill Children's Hospital, Glasgow.

Just gorgeous, huge thanks to her thanks The photo is already on our Facebook page.

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Mhw02 Sat 09-Nov-13 19:56:07

Have posted two blankets today, but they won't arrive till Tuesday now because I missed the last post by ten minutes! (I was convinced last post was two o'clock, when it is in fact half one!) I had some trouble getting the bigger of the two blankets crammed into the special delivery envelope, which wasn't helped by the fact that my rings tore the first envelope and I had to get another one and start all over again. Before dealing with the second envelope I put my rings in my pocket, which I thought was a terribly sensible idea, but I had forgotten that I had a hole in my pocket, so I then had to spend time fishing my rings out of the coat lining. It seems I am doomed to spending my life always getting in a fankle over everything!

Should have another couple of blankets to send next week - am just in the process of sewing in what feels like endless ends!

MOSagain Sun 10-Nov-13 19:12:14

How on earth do you make so many blankets? I Must be really slow.

Very relived to see deadline is Friday 22nd, for some reason I thought it was this Friday and was panicking!

Mhw02 Sun 10-Nov-13 19:51:34

Well, I was unemployed until recently (am now a student) so I had plenty of time on my hands - it was as well to spend it doing something useful! The two that are due to be sent were mostly done over Easter/Summer, and are just being finished off now. The one I sent yesterday I've been working on for almost three months and is mostly crochet squares which were done on the train to and from uni (35 minutes each way every day!)

I must admit though, although I say that I'll have another two blankets to send next week, when I look at my schedule for this week, that probably won't happen, and after those two there will be no more blankets this year! Coursework is starting to get quite intense.

Plus, you knit, if I were making exclusively knitted blankets I wouldn't be sending in half as many! My knitting is slow.

KnottyLocks Sun 10-Nov-13 20:46:26

Checking back in!

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 12-Nov-13 19:40:55

Evening smile

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Huge and heartfelt thanks to the very lovely Mhw02 thanks

Two beautiful Little Hugs arriving today, one for a baby, the other is for a much older child or teenager and both are absolutely glorious. So much love, effort, and detail, all stunning, but love, love, love the owls! Just amazing. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but THANK YOU. Xx

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Mhw02 Tue 12-Nov-13 19:55:09

Lots of love most definitely went into them, but I'm afraid also lots of swearing during my attempts at packaging them up. blush

Hope the cards were okay, I sent them because I loved the pictures, but I'm rubbish at writing cards!

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 12-Nov-13 20:04:47

grin at the packaging induced swearing

Yes, thank you for the cards and I will package the blankets back up with the lovely ribbon too. I promise to make a good job of it. You really are a star, thank you so much thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Nov-13 18:46:17

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Beautiful woolly treasure has been arriving today from the very lovely Katy and the equally lovely bluesky Heartfelt thanks to both, you really are stars thanks

From Katy two very lovely knitted Little Hugs for babies in Yorkhill Hospital. thanks

And from Bluesky a large and snuggly Billie's Blanket for a child in Bangladesh, crocheted in plum, wisteria, lavender and denim. Gorgeous thanks

Thank you!

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

KnottyLocks Fri 15-Nov-13 18:46:44

All gorgeous smile thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Nov-13 19:09:42

And more gorgeous woolly treasure today smile

thanks From the very lovely MOS and her friend Charlotte, two beautiful blankets - a lovely raspberry and grey crocheted Little Hug from Charlotte, and a joint Billie's Blanket for Bangladesh from them both. Huge thanks. Just marvellous X

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

JollySeriousGiant Tue 19-Nov-13 21:45:23

Checking in smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 21-Nov-13 09:21:22

Morning all brew smile

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work, more beautiful blankets have been arriving. Love in every stitch, you can just feel it. thanks

thanks thanks

thanks GlaikitFizzog Completely ADORABLE!! Fizzy the Dragon II has landed! In turquoise blue, he is just gorgeous, and will brighten someone's world in Yorkhill. Huge thanks lovely.

thanks Also thanks to Fizzy for a gorgeously bright and bold cabin style Billie's Blanket for a child in Bangladesh. Parchment, bright green, aster, sunshine and lipstick. Beautifully bright on such a grey day.
Super snuggly, and just smashing. Huge thanks to you Fizzy! Xx

thanks Rubcon Three large and colourful Billie's Blankets to go to Bangladesh, patchwork like Elmer! Absolutely lovely and such a lot of knitting!! Gorgeous, really super, thanks lovely X

thanks And also thanks to lovely Ruby for a striped Little Hug for a child in Yorkhill, tie absolutely lovely and cheery, just perfect.

Just a reminder, last posting for the collection to go to Bangladesh is TOMORROW thanks

Thank you!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 21-Nov-13 12:30:19

We had an email from lovely Liz at World Child Cancer today, bless her for all that she does. have copied it below, and have added the photos to the our Website and Facebook Ghana albums. Tis hard to find the words sometimes X

Hello there – I just wanted to get in touch and say once again a huge thank you for the blankets which you gave us for the Ghana trip!

We gave out half of the blankets to patients on our ward in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (Accra) and the other half during our training workshop at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (Kumasi).

Unfortunately it is very difficult to get permission from the parents in Ghana to take pictures on the ward – cancer in children has a huge stigma which makes people ashamed to have pictures, and the patients are mainly coming to the hospital with a very advanced stage of disease which results in large tumours and in them being too sick to take pictures

We got a few (mostly of parents accepting the blankets on behalf of the children) and I have attached these to the email, please feel free to circulate these to the wonderful ladies who generously made the wonderful blankets.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you


TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 21-Nov-13 13:15:33

lovely news smile

I've pmed you pistey

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 21-Nov-13 13:56:15

Pistey I'm parcelling up my stuff today. Is it OK to put blankets/Winston's Wish stuff in together?

The patchwork Elmer blanket is a Billie's blanket, the other two are for Yorkhill. I'm ashamed to admit I found a completed Angel Hug in the bottom of my work bag too.

SuperNappy Thu 21-Nov-13 14:00:39

I've put a little hug in with my WW stuff after asking on the FB yarnaholics group if it was okay smile

KnottyLocks Thu 21-Nov-13 16:47:53

Yep, pack it all up together, labelling each one. Hopefully it'll save some postage which is blooming horrendous.

Thanks all. You are complete stars thanks

watchingout Thu 21-Nov-13 20:08:21

Just seen the photos on FB - beautiful and SO inspirational grin I haven't finished nowhere near my first crochet blanket but I'm loving making it. The pics make it so much more real, thank you!

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 25-Nov-13 08:50:55

Spooky Moment....

My Twitter name us nothing like my MN name BUT I have just had an email alert that Woolly Hugs have posted photos of the latest deliveries AND it used the photo of MY blanket shock

Disclaimer: I am a Twitter numpty grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 25-Nov-13 09:19:48

Lovely Woolly - we have used a section of your glorious black and bright colour blanket as our profile pic on Facebook. We should have asked, sorry, but it looks lovely - go see! Xx


Some fabulous Blanketeers to thank - lovely woolly treasure arriving at the weekend, photos on Facebook, do check them out, just beautiful thanks

From the rather fabulous WoollyBacksWife, a beautiful black and bold Little Hug, a gorgeous wavy striped Little Hug and gorgeous Billie's Blanket in squares . Just beautiful. Huge thanks to Woolly. thanks

Just beautiful! From the very lovely MNP for a child in Bangladesh, two beautiful Billie's Blankets. Thank you thanks

A fabulous team effort. From the rather lovely Bellavita, Bella's mum and Rubycon, a joint Billie's blanket for a child in Bangladesh, in pinks and yellow. Huge thanks to all thanks

Arriving yesterday, so very lovely, a Little Hug for a baby in Yorkhill Hospital knitted in pinks and lavender, from the rather fabulous BeerTricksPotter. Huge thanks, tis super. Xx

HUGE thanks to ALL! thanks



RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 25-Nov-13 09:28:52

The Billie's Blankets for Bangladesh go to World Child Cancer's office on FRIDAY (before the post arrives!)

We've had folk messaging, worried they have missed the posting deadline. If they arrive by Thursday, they can still go!

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 25-Nov-13 11:21:24

No worries Pistey

I am a Facebook numpty too blush grin

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