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Woolly Hugs: The Babettes, Billie's Blankets and Little Hugs.

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KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:06:55

This is a continuation of our Little Hug and Billie's Blanket projects.

Little Hugs will continue to go to babies and children who are seriously ill in Yorkhill hospital and Billie's blankets will be sent in Billie's name, via the wonderful charity World Child Cancer, to children undergoing treatment for cancer in low and middle income countries.

Our aim with the Babettes is to make some bigger blankets for older children, both for Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets.
We will still make blankets of other sizes too.


The idea is to make a 12 x 12 inch panel, either crochet or knit, that can be added to others to create bigger blankets.
The panel can be made as one piece, or as a combination of squares, stripes or patterned. For example, a large granny square, or 4 six inch squares together, or a panel of stripes.
The design is up to you as long as it isn't too holey and will be fine stitched or hooked to others.
If you choose to use separate squares as part of your design, can we ask that they be either stitched together, hooked as you go, or hooked together with the seam on the back.

Yarn for Babettes: Stylecraft Special DK only, so we know that the blankets will wash and wear well and, unless your tension is very tight, use 4mm hooks or needles.

Colours: your choice although for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.
Some colour combinations that would work: blues/greens, purples/pinks, spring colours, primary brights, rainbow shades.

If you Google 'Babette blankets', you'll get an idea of what we have in mind once the panels are combined.


FOR WHOLE BLANKETS - Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets:

Minimum size: 18 x 18 inches for Little Hugs; 24 inches by 24 inches for Billie's Blankets.
If you would like to make a blanket that is bigger, that would be lovely.
The children we send Billie's Blankets to are aged 0 to 14 and Yorkhill treat children of a similar age so we will need bigger blankets too hence our Babettes.

Colours: Your choice.
Although again for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.

Things to avoid:
Any embellishments that could scratch delicate skin or could be swallowed.

Suggested yarn for Billies Blankets: Stylecraft Special DK, a soft, non-scratchy acrylic yarn.
If you would like to make a whole blanket, you could use a different weight and make of acrylic yarn. The essential thing is that it needs to be soft against sensitive and delicate skin and that it can be washed and dried quickly and easily.
For Little Hugs: As above, plus any of our usual Woolly Hugs woolly wool or yarn that is soft and can be machine washed.

We would also love fleece backed quilts, or edged fleece blankets if you prefer sewing.

As always, we also welcome any 6 inch squares made using the Stylecraft Special DK or any of the usual Woolly Hugs blanket wools.

If you would like to take part in this project but feel you can't due to the costs involved, please PM Pistey and we'll try to help with materials.

As ever, thanks for your support. thanks thanks

Knotty and Pistey

Facebook ? MNWoollyHugs
Twitter - @MNWoollyHugs

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jun-13 16:09:16

Am really looking forward to making a Babette panel - they are just beautiful.

If I can help anyone, do PM me smile thanks

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:10:50

Oh hello smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jun-13 16:13:01

And hello to you. Love the idea of an adventure in yarn grin

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:14:09


Woolfey Tue 18-Jun-13 16:21:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

psychomum5 Tue 18-Jun-13 16:40:21

they look lovely.

I am busy making my first Billie blanket still, but it is something to aim for, making the babettes too grin

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:41:34

This will be ongoing, Psychomum, so just add it to your list. smile

psychomum5 Tue 18-Jun-13 17:04:47


fanjodisfunction Tue 18-Jun-13 17:21:53

I have some stylecraft left over from my last billies blanket, so I shall have a go at a babette. I have a bille blanket on the go at the moment its very bright! so be warned Pistey when you open up that one, DH calls it the chilli pepper blanket!

I was going through some stuff today and I have a blanket I would like to donate to Billies or little hugs which ever you think fit, its a larger blanket fit for an older child, we dont use it so better off with someone who will.
I shall crack on with the billie and babette and send them to you Pistey.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jun-13 17:31:01

Lovely, thanks fan, and thank you for the blanket too X

<puts sunglasses on>

Jules146 Tue 18-Jun-13 17:31:15

Hoping to be a part of this but d

Jules146 Tue 18-Jun-13 17:31:59

throws phone across room ... but d

Jules146 Tue 18-Jun-13 17:32:51

And again third time lucky! But don't want to make promises I can't keep!! Will see what u can do! :-)

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jun-13 17:35:41

I actually do have a Q

Number of colours in a Babette, is three the ideal would you say?

fanjodisfunction Tue 18-Jun-13 17:42:13

Three is the magic number

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 17:45:02

Three worked nicely with the panels I did. However, it's not a rule because.... This is an adventure in yarn! grin

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 18-Jun-13 17:48:32

Is there a pattern somewhere, for the panel you put on FB, pleeeease?

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 17:50:46

Er, not really. I can track down the circle to square easily. The middle sized squares are solid granny squares. The little squares are just 2 rounds of a granny hooked as you go.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 18-Jun-13 17:51:23


Here's to the Adventure wine

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 18-Jun-13 17:52:09

OK - I will give that a go - I have a pattern for circle to square - I've done some squares in that pattern to go in my random crochet patchwork blanket (in purple, pink, rust, yellow, lime green, yellow, teal and turquoise - quiet and shy, just like me).

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 17:52:48

Oh very reserved, SDTG grin

MinnieBar Tue 18-Jun-13 18:27:17

<marks place>

<gets a bit overexcited googling images like this and patterns like this and oh look this attic24 one is quite similar>

<reminds self that I have at least three other projects in the queue first>

<logs off and goes to get on with one>

KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 18:34:26


Wolfcub Tue 18-Jun-13 18:47:15

Great idea. I'll have a serious think about whether I can commit the time to do this and come back to you. The examples on fb look beautiful

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